Thought-provoking leaders from the learning landscape will take the stage for an hour-long Keynote presentation. These presentations, which vary in form, explore innovative and prominent topics in education today.

Learn more about the exciting Keynote lineup unfolding for SXSWedu, March 3-6, 2014, below and stay tuned for more Keynote news and updates!

Norma & Vivienne Ming

Tuesday, March 4

Keeping the Promise of Educational Technology

Norma Ming
Co-founder and Director of Learning Design, Socos

Vivienne Ming
Chief Scientist, Gild

Imagine a technology that doesn’t intrude on the classroom, but expands it. Despite Ed Tech's many promises— “We’ll democratize education! We’ll personalize it! We’ll make it fun! We’ll fix a broken system!”—access isn’t truly ubiquitous, fancy tools go unused, and new technologies reinforce old paradigms. Too often, those who most need the support don’t receive it. Instead of cool technology that we release into the wild, we need technology that makes the most of the real world of teachers, families, and students. Teachers deserve technology that augments rather than mimics them, that enhances rather than constrains how they teach. For education to reach beyond schools, technology needs to create tangible value for all families, not just the educational elite.

Drawing on their failures and successes as students, teachers, researchers, and entrepreneurs, Vivienne and Norma will share their vision for keeping the promise of educational technology.

Rod Paige, Evan Smith

Wednesday, March 5

Education: The Civil Rights Issue of Our Time

Rod Paige
U.S. Secretary of Education, 2001-2005

Moderated by Evan Smith
Editor in Chief and CEO, The Texas Tribune

From classroom teacher to U.S. Secretary of Education, Rod Paige has demonstrated his dedication to education. The driving force behind his work as Secretary was his strong belief that education is a civil right, just like the right to vote or to be treated equally. In an enlightening conversation moderated by Evan Smith of The Texas Tribune, Rod Paige will speak to a number of topics, most notably the perspective that education is the top civil rights issue of the 21st century.

Jeffrey Tambor

Thursday, March 6

Performing Your Life in the Classroom

Jeffrey Tambor Keynote

You know Jeffrey Tambor as an award-winning actor and star of Arrested Development. A veteran of film, television and the Broadway stage, Tambor is one of the most iconic and respected character actors of his generation. However, he is also an educator, with 40 years of experience. As a teacher, father, husband--and first, foremost and always --a student, he is inspired to cultivate a passion for learning and creativity in all of his audiences.

In this hilarious and inspiring presentation, Tambor's empowering lessons are catalysts for change, promoting introspection amongst audience members. Part one-man show, part seminar, part question-and-answer session and endlessly entertaining, he shares examples from his own life, encouraging teachers to look beyond their curriculums and offer lessons from their own truths. This down to earth conversation is about using life experiences to advise others to face their fears and discover their fullest potential.