Workshops at SXSWedu offer a great way to gain an interactive, hands-on learning experience during the conference. Loaded with relevant content and tools, workshops have a longer, two-hour format that provide ample time for attendees to engage in fruitful discussions and take home valuable skill sets.

Like other conference sessions, workshops are organized by content themes.

SXSWedu Workshop by Robert Santos

Browse the lineup of accepted workshop sessions, submitted and selected via PanelPicker, now and stay tuned for more programming announcements for SXSWedu, March 3-6, 2014 in Austin, Texas.

Achievement Gaps & Educational Equality

Baltimore Children's Zone: Low Cost Wraparound
Joseph Manko (Liberty Elementary School)
Takira Fields (Liberty Elementary School)
Molly Adams (Liberty Elementary School)

STEM Experts Mentoring Youth
Kristian Breton (The New York Academy of Sciences)
Stephanie Wortel (The New York Academy of Sciences)

Best Practices & Implementation

Bringing Exemplary 21st Century Learning to Life
Helen Soule (Partnership for 21st Century Skills)
Shannon Miller (Van Meter School District)
Christopher Brown (Pearson Foundation)

Build Schools That Build Innovators
Diana Joseph (Citrix Systems Inc)
Anita Summerlin (Dr Charles Drew College Preparatory Academy)
Kareem Edouard (Stanford University)

Caught on Cam: Pairing Video Analysis and Practice
Chandra Brown (New Leaders)
Delvin Burton (New Leaders)

Cook-Up a Batch of Blended Learning
Alison Anderson (Getting Smart)
Nathan Martin (Digital Learning Now)
Carri Schneider (Getting Smart)

Disrupting the 'Classroom': Re-Engaging Learners
Patrick Pennefather (Centre for Digital Media)

How Teacher Motivations Shape Digital Learning
Renee Hobbs (Harrington School of Communication & Media)

Kid Bites Dog: Teach Better with News
Katina Paron (NYC High School Journalism Collaborative)

Sex Ed 2.0: Beginning with the Brain
Lindsay Fram (Children's Aid Society)
Jean Workman (Children's Aid Society)

Ten Hands-On Tools to Boost Student Innovation
Charles Wood (University of Tulsa)

The Power of "The How": Process-Based Instruction
Karena Salmond (Performing Arts Workshop)
Kimberlee Salmond (Girl Scout Research Institute)

Transformative Professional Development
Caron Mineo (Columbia University Teacher's College)
Ellen Meier (Columbia University Teacher's College)
Kenneth Graves (Columbia University Teacher's College)

Big Data & Learning Analytics

LRMI: Using Education Metadata to Support Learning
Michael Jay (Educational Systemics)
Trilby Berger (MetaMetrics)
Sue Buesing (McHugh & Associates)

Cognitive Process & Design Thinking

Designing a Next Gen High School from Scratch
Alison Elliott (Alpha Public Schools)
Will Eden (Alpha Public Schools)

Liminal Learning: Challenge-Based, Design-Driven
Susie Wise (Stanford)
Juliette LaMontagne (Project Breaker)
Gabrielle Santa-Donato (The Future Project)

Probing Needs and Prototyping Solutions: DT4EdTech
Kami Thodarson (Los Altos School District)
Mary Cantwell (Mount Vernon Presbyterian School)
Stephanie Cerda (The University of Texas Elementary School)

The Creative Breakthroughs Technique
Sarah Bush (Jackson Street Studios)

Visible Thinking: Designing for Metacognition
Tracy Clark (N/A)
Greg Garner (Eanes ISD)

DIY, Maker & Hacker

Citizen Science: Education for and by the People
Britt Wray (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)
Nadja Oertelt (EdX)

Reverse Engineering to Teach Design in High School
Pius Wong (The University of Texas at Austin)
Mariel Robles (The University of Texas at Austin)

Technology and Takeaways: Hands-On Apps
Cathleen Ash (Manor High School)
Renee Setser (Manor ISD)

The Classroom Teacher's Indie Author Revolution
Mia Morrison (Foxcroft Academy)
Anthony DiLaura (Zeeland Public Schools)

Entrepreneurialism in Education

Innovation Bootcamp for Educators
Joseph Wilson (MaRS Discovery District)
Elizabeth Pringle (National Association of Independent Schools)
Aron Solomon (MaRS Discovery District)

Investing in Education Innovation 2.0
Alex Hernandez (Charter School Growth Fund)
Tom Vander Ark (Getting Smart)

Gaming & Virtual Learning

Minecraft Your Classroom
Stephen "Elfie" Elford (Numurkah Secondary College)
Joel Levin (Teacher Gaming)

Playful Learning: Games for Deeper Learning in K-12
Zack Gilbert (EdReach)
Jennifer Groff (Learning Games Network)

Using Badges to Motivate the Online Student
Dan LaSota (University of Alaska Fairbanks)
Owen Guthrie (University of Alaska Fairbanks)

Shared & Open Resources

Zombie Geography and Future History
David Hunter (Zombie-Based Learning)
Donald Brinkman (Microsoft Research)
Roy Zimmermann (Microsoft)

Social & Mobile Learning

Making BYOD Work for Not Against You!
Christy Fennewald (Round Rock ISD)
Laurie Coker (Westwood High School)

TEXTnology in the Classroom
Myisha Cherry (John Jay College)

Photo by Robert Santos