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Keeping the Promise of Educational Technology
SXSWedu 2014 Keynote with Norma & Vivienne Ming

Education: The Civil Rights Issue of Our Time
SXSWedu 2014 Keynote with Rod Paige, moderated by Evan Smith

Performing Your Life in the Classroom
SXSWedu 2014 Keynote with Jeffrey Tambor

SXSWedu 2013 Keynote Asenath Andrews

SXSWedu 2013 MOOC Keynote Conversation with Andrew Ng and Anant Agarwal, moderated by Laura Pappano

SXSWedu 2013 Keynote Bill Gates

SXSWedu 2012 Keynote U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan

SXSWedu 2012 Keynote LeVar Burton