Expo Coaches

SXSWedu 2016 Expo photo by Josh Martinez

Knowledgeable coaches will be on hand, Tuesday, March 7, for attendees to meet with, one-on-one or in small groups, to explore college and career related conversations. These meetings are an opportunity for mentorship and guidance as students, parents and attendees think about their learning goals.

Get to know the coaches confirmed for March and stay tuned as additional voices are added to the lineup.

Angie Nelson Angie Nelson
Producer, Sherry Matthews Advocacy Marketing

    Talk to me about:
  • I attended University of Oklahoma and graduated with a Bachelor in Journalism.
  • I've worked in the advertising industry for 11+ years. I started as an intern in Account Service and now I'm a broadcast/video producer.
  • Hobbies include: running, cycling, hiking, knitting, sewing, attending concerts and watching sports.
  • I love helping others. I do charity runs and rides and volunteer when I can. My job also allows me to make a difference in our community and state.
  • I'm an animal lover. I have two rescue dogs: Dexter, the Boston Terrier and Mookie, a lab mutt.

Antonio Mendez Antonio Mendez
Student, Southwestern University

    Talk to me about:
  • First Generation College Student
  • Southwestern University
  • Performing Undergraduate Research
  • Biology Major
  • Working Part-time in College

Bridget Cook Bridget Cook
Student, Texas State Technical College, Cyber Security

    Talk to me about:
  • I would like to talk to students about what made me decide to further my education
  • First Generation college student
  • about my Hobbies
  • Where I currently attend college
  • What steps I felt where necessary to get where I am now.

Connor Towns Connor Towns
Student, Texas State University - San Marcos, Music Education

    Talk to me about:
  • Applying/Auditioning for a University
  • Life at Texas State, as a student and as a musician
  • Making the most of summers/breaks between semesters
  • The importance of hobbies/rest amidst a full, busy schedule
  • Touring, teaching, performing professionally

Frederico Geib Frederico Geib
Teen Programs Coordinator, Mexican American Cultural Center

    Talk to me about:
  • Getting into a creative career
  • Developing a Portfolio
  • Multicultural challenges and opportunities
  • Social Activism for Youth
  • Self confidence and personal branding

Jackie Giusti Jackie Giusti
SDE & Design Lead, Microsoft

    Talk to me about:
  • University I attended - Duke
  • Shaping way through building your own major for knowing an idea of what you want to do
  • How to find the silver linings in any experience for resumes
  • Importance of internships, even if it's not until your last year
  • Why it's okay to take semesters off, as long as you can speak productively of the time

Jason Finkelman Jason Finkelman
Immigration Lawyer, Finkelman Law

    Talk to me about:
  • University I attended and college life
  • How to find a major/career you might be interested in and why its ok to switch to a different career path
  • Law school
  • What its like to be a lawyer
  • What its like to be an immigration lawyer
  • What does the future hold for me as an immigrant in the United States

Kenneth Eke Kenneth Eke
Student, University of Texas at Austin, Computer Science

    Talk to me about:
  • Senior Computer Science - Transfer Student
  • University of Texas at Austin
  • Work in Chicago, New York City, Silicon Valley
  • CODE2040 Fellowship
  • Hobbies: DJing, Music Production and Audio Engineering, Photography

Laura Senio Blair Laura Senio Blair
Professor of Spanish and Latin American and Border Studies, Southwestern University

    Talk to me about:
  • What are the liberal arts? (Southwestern University)
  • Student athlete
  • Study abroad
  • Social Justice
  • Time management

Michael Scherotter Michael S. Scherotter
Principal Technical Evangelist, Microsoft

    Talk to me about:
  • Leveraging an education in one field in another field (I studied architecture yet made my career in software)
  • Combining your personal interests with your career
  • Finding and developing your superpower
  • My avocation: Journaling
  • Figuring out what drives you – what do you need in a job that will make you happy

Michael Wilson Michael Wilson
Student, Austin Community College, Nursing

    Talk to me about:
  • Nursing
  • Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society
  • Cycling
  • Staying Motivated in School
  • Volunteering

Sarah Bernfeld Sarah Bernfeld
Online Channels Lead, Campus - Americas, Google

    Talk to me about:
  • Graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, where I graduated with a degree in Linguistics and a Minor in Spanish.
  • Worked at Omni Hotel Downtown, where I remained until I graduated.
  • Has worked for Start Up companies as well as Fortune 500; the majority of my career has been spent at F500 working for Dell and, currently, Google. I have worked in a variety of HR roles including Recruiting, HR Technology, and Contingent Workforce Management.
  • Plays piano, have written some music, enjoy cooking and entertaining.
  • Married with a 23 year old stepdaughter and a three year old son and we love to spend time outside, preferably on the water. I have a great dane and two siamese cats and am volunteer director for an organization called Puppy Mill Awareness Day, TX.

Tera Hogan Tera Hogan
Talent Channels Lead, Google

    Talk to me about:
  • Attended University of Texas, majored in Business
  • Worked in Consulting, Recruiting, and High Tech
  • Manages a team and passionate about growing their skills and careers
  • Loves to cook and bake
  • Likes to spend time playing outside with her husband and dog

SXSWedu 2016 Expo photo by Josh Martinez.