Expo Student Performances

SXSWedu 2016 Expo photo by Josh Martinez

SXSWedu is proud to showcase the talent of young learners in on the Expo Stage. This lineup of young musicians, writers and entrepreneurs represent some of the best and brightest students in Texas’ thriving education community. The stage will be emceed by local Austin High School students: Auston Abrego, Lily Harris, Maddy Sheberjishian, Mary Blanchard, Joslynn Sanchez, Benny Romero, Sonia Ramos, Miranda Girshoni

Kealing Middle School

Kealing Middle School Music Production Class

Kealing Music Production offers students the opportunity to compose their own music using digital audio software and midi controllers. Students are encouraged to explore music theory: rhythm, harmony, melody as well as learning production: audio effects, mixing, video creation. Students study masters such as Bach and Beethov , DJ Snake and Skrillex and can emulate the contemporary music they enjoy. From the first ever music producer Thomas Edison, we learn Perspiration. From Lindsay Sterling the highest earning violinist on Youtube, we learn Perseverance. And we are so lucky that in our explorations, we musicians Play music!

Harmony School of Excellence Ballet Folklorico

Harmony School of Excellence Ballet Folklorico

Harmony School of Excellence Ballet Folklorico is a high school club established in 2010 that showcases traditional Mexican folk dance.  They enjoy performing and learning about Mexican cultural practices and traditions through dance.  Over the years, they have performed at various city events, including a performance at Disney World.  Through weekly practice, team building activities and performances students and coaches have created a bond that emulates the extended family model in Hispanic countries.

Hutto High School Varsity Mixed and Varsity Treble choirs

Hutto High School Varisty Mixed Choir

The Hutto High School Choir Program is currently made up of three distinctive choirs. The non-varsity mixed choir is made up of primarily ninth graders.  The varsity mixed choir is composed primarily upperclassmen.  This choir has earned a superior rating at the Region 26 UIL Concert and Sight Reading Contest in the spring of 2016. The varsity treble choir is comparable to a chamber choir.  This group has earned sweepstakes and countless awards at the Region 26 UIL Concert and Sight Reading Contest over the past eight years.  All choirs have performed in the Capitol Rotunda every December since 2003. The choir is under the direction of Roseanne Kokas. The choir is very excited and thrilled to be here today to perform for you.

Del Valle High School LEAD Ballet Folklórico

Del Valle High School LEAD Ballet Folklórico>

The Del Valle High School LEAD Ballet Folklórico dance group is a twenty-five member group that dances to the indigenous expressions of Latin America, particularly Mexico. The Ballet Folklórico group will dance in the traditional form of Concheros. This style dates back to one of the original dances ever performed in Mexico. These dances represent the way Aztec Indians worshipped fire, water, air, and earth - each element representing a different form of oneself. This particular dances are traditionally performed as a worship to the Aztec gods.

Jabu Mbara

Jabu Mbara

Born and raised in the Kingdom of Lesotho, Jabu Mbara settled in Austin, Texas in 2011 to study Computer Science at Huston-Tillotson University and to further his career as a solo artist.  He produced his first EP in 2013, which covers personal issues from lovelornness to finding his way in modern-day American society. Jabu has sung baritone &  bass  in two  Austin-based choirs,  Huston-Tillotson University Concert Choir and St. James Episcopal Church Choir. Jabu also participated in 'Hear There Everywhere', an international artist showcase during SXSW 2013, and the Austin World Tour, formerly known as the City of Austin September Concert. In December 2014, Jabu won the Texas Solo Artist of the Year Award which is a independent-artist competition produced by Bridging The Music, that invites the public to vote for their favorite acts. He is currently in the midst of collaborating with other Austin artists on future projects and is expected to release a series of EPs mid 2017.

SXSWedu Expo performance photo by Randy & Jackie Smith.