SXSWedu Future15 photo by Debbie Finley

Future15 sessions are short presentations highlighting new and emerging ideas in education. Sessions are 15 minutes long and feature assorted speakers covering a wide range of topics. Attendees have the opportunity to pop in for one or several brief discussions covering fresh ideas from knowledgeable perspectives. Future15 sessions provide attendees with the chance to gain knowledge on varying topics related to education without committing too much of their time at once.

Browse the Future15 sessions accepted via PanelPicker, organized below by theme, and stay tuned for more announcements as March approaches.

Achievement Gaps & Educational Equality

Becoming Badass in Six Steps
Laura Thomas (Antioch University New England)

Education Battlefield: Casualties Accepted?
Patrick Briggs (Advancement Via Individual Determination)

Innovative Strategies to Close the Excellence Gap
Harold Levy (Jack Kent Cooke Foundation)

Learning Is Social: Insights on Relationships & Outcomes
Garrett Neiman (CollegeSpring)

Letting Educators Run Schools
Ethan Gray (Education Cities)

Mobile Classrooms: At-Risk Youth Learn On-the-Go
Kevin Bauman (Penn Foster)

Teaching a New Narrative for Black Male Achievement
Tim King (Urban Prep Academics)

Assessment, Accountability & Standards

Evaluating Non-Traditional Merits on the Job Market
Gustav Borgefalk (Sqore.com)

Reading, Writing, Retweeting: Literacies Redefined
Liz Radzicki (Columbia College Chicago)

Big Data & Learning Analytics

How to Give Students Control of Their Data
Erwin Bomas (Kennisnet Foundation)

Cognitive Process & Design Thinking

Sitting 101: Bad Habits We Learned in School
Martin Keen (Focal Upright)

DIY, Maker & Hacker

21st Century Manipulatives: Increasing Engagement
Ki Karou (MIND Research Institute)

Fly a Drone with Code
Victoria Friedman (Flatiron School)

ProjectSpace: Another Way to Create
Alan Steel (BFA St Albans)

Using Media to Create 10,000 Jon Stewarts
D.C. Vito (Learning About Multimedia Project)

Entrepreneurialism in Education

Business School for Ten Year Olds?
Joseph Powers (The Woods Academy)

End of an Era-The Desegregation of Online Students
Chip Paucek (2U, Inc.)

Prototyping: 100 Startups, Three Motorcycles, 1 Beer
Matt Candler (4.0 Schools)

Teaching Mobile App Development: Why It Matters
Lazaro Lopez (Township High School District 214)

TIDES: Progressive Education in the 21st Century
Martin Moran (Francis W. Parker School)

Why STEM Is So Important to the Space Industry
Sunny Washington (Ardusat)

Gaming & Virtual Learning

A New and Virtual Environment in the Classroom
Scott Nguyen (Amazing Grace Christian School)

In Touch: Tactile Learning for Chemistry
Julia Winter (OChemPrep)

Unlocking Play: Going Beyond Gamification
Shawn Young (Classcraft)

Instructional Strategies & Best Practices

Coding Across the Curriculum
Cindy Royal (Texas State University)

Connecting Creativity to STEM
Gerald Richards (826 National)

Creating Meaningful Human Interaction Online
Dana Grossman Leeman (Simmons College)

More Music in Every Class: New Tools for Teachers
Darla Hanley (Berklee College of Music)

Number One Draft Pick: Valuing the Rookie Teacher
Jaimie Dubuque (Franklin Middle School)

Rapid Iteration Teaching
Marcus Phillips (Hack Reactor)

Stanford Online High School: Socrates and the Agora
Raymond Ravaglia (Stanford University)

Students Take the Power Back!
Mathieu Nebra (OpenClassrooms)

The Pin That Popped the Textbook Bubble - “Open”
David Wiley (Lumen Learning)

Turn Tech Addiction into Digital Curiosity
Larry Reiff (Roslyn Public Schools)

International Models & Approaches

The Future Will Be Self-Taught
Matt Keller (XPRIZE)

The National Language Deficit
Amelia Friedman (Student Language Exchange)

Unbounded Education Through Solar-Powered Learning
Jennifer Friday Jones (Dell)

Leadership & Empowerment

Empowering Administrators to Lead Change
Kimberly Moritz (Randolph Central School)

Everyday Philanthropy
Justin Graves (Virginia Tech / Hesonwheels / Department of Homeland Security)

Forget Leaning in, We Need to Dadprove
Patrick Riccards (Dadprovement)

Rethink and Redesign Professional Development
Sheryl Chard (Sofia Center for Professional Development)

Why a Student Advisory Board Is Good for Business
Jessica Brondo Davidoff (Admittedly)

Why Leaders Experience "What the Beeeep?" Moments
Melanie Cook (Author)

SEL & Digital Citizenship

Their Hearts on Smart Phones: SEL for Digital Kids
Devorah Heitner (Raising Digital Natives)

Binge Learning and the Streaming Generation
James Cross (MediaCore)

Social & Mobile Learning

No Textbooks, No Walls, No Limits
Cicely Benoit (Houston A+ Challenge)

Teaching History in the 21st Century
Thomas Ketchell (Hstry)

Special Needs & Accessibility

Autism: Tech Training & Jobs - The Next Frontier
Royce Siggard (Education Transformation Resource Network)

Bridging the Gap Between Special Ed and General Ed
Phyl T. Macomber (Make A Difference, Inc.)

Not Your Parents Science Museum Audio Tour App
Liani Yirka (North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences)

Solving Low Literacy with iPad Apps for the Deaf
Karen Hart (Picsterbooks)

System Implementation & Scale

Why a Beautiful Campus but a Digital Wasteland?
Brian Hawkins (Indiana University)

Photo by Debbie Finley