LAUNCHedu Finalists

The widespread intersection of education stakeholders - including teachers, administrators, university professors, business and policy leaders – at SXSWedu has become a premier destination for early stage education startups. LAUNCHedu returns in 2015 for its fourth edition to uncover some of the most innovative and creative learning solutions this March in Austin, Texas.


A record amount of entries, from across the US and around the world, were received for this yea's LAUNCHedu competition. After weeks of extensive evaluations, SXSWedu is thrilled to introduce the finalists that have been selected to participate in LAUNCHedu 2015 at SXSWedu, March 9-12 in Austin, Texas.



New York, NY |

Binder is where students and recent graduates can explore their career options, discover interesting companies, improve their skills and land their dream job by competing in fun questions and challenges that showcase their real-world abilities.

Ontario, Canada | is a suite of productivity apps for K-12 teachers. Used in over 20,000 schools worldwide, solves the problems of lesson planning, assessment and collaboration, all designed with the teacher in mind. Tying these all together is a powerful predictive analytics engine that helps to drive student success.


CodeMonkey Studios

Tel Aviv, Israel |

CodeMonkey is a new way for children to learn how to code: an engaging online game for ages 9-16 that teaches a real-world programming language. Within only 7 months from launching in May 2014, over 250,000 children learned to code by playing CodeMonkey at home and in thousands of classrooms.

Ideas Box

Ideas Box

Paris, France |

Ideas Box is a portable multimedia center, with internet and its own energy source, for access to Education, Information and Culture anywhere in the world. With 20 tablets, a built-in cinema and many educational resources, it provides communities with the tools and space to play, learn, connect and create.

Language Zen

Language Zen

San Francisco, CA |

Language Zen is a language learning web app that adapts to learning styles and interests of every user. We use data-mining, TV and music to create useful, engaging content that fits with every individual user's personal strengths and weaknesses.

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Lea(R)n, Inc

Raleigh, NC |

Lea(R)n, an education innovation firm, enables states, schools and districts to know which technology products are best for their classrooms. Lea(R)n’s online platform,, combines teacher expertise on classroom technology with other available data to give educators the insights and capacity to continuously improve their EdTech investments and instructional decisions.

Pear Deck

Pear Deck

Iowa City, IA |

Pear Deck makes it easy for teachers to engage 100% of their students. We know rich, active teaching leads to better learning outcomes, and we help teachers do it every single day. With Pear Deck, teachers can make any lesson interactive and gain real insight into student understanding.

San Francisco, CA |
*Not Competing in LAUNCHedu is reinventing the way students access billions of dollars in college scholarships. Most scholarships today are awarded at the end of high school - far too late to influence students' college ambitions or application decisions. On, students can earn "Micro-Scholarships" towards college automatically throughout high school based on their individual progress.



Santa Monica, CA |

Shinebright’s groundbreaking “Talent Finder” curriculums, workshops, and coaching help young people identify and embrace their unique strengths, empower them to move confidently towards their future, and ignite their motivation to fulfill their greatest potential, allowing them to flourish in today’s rapidly changing world.

Santiago, Chile | is homework on your mobile phone, without needing the internet! It saves teachers time creating, marking and distributing homework and engages students out of the classroom by reinforcing concepts using SMS and Voice interactions. It's simple, affordable and effective.



San Francisco, CA |

Zaption transforms video-based learning with interactive content and tools that engage learners, deepen understanding and track progress. Teachers and trainers use Zaption to quickly add images, text and questions to existing online videos. With Zaption’s Analytics, instructors get immediate feedback on how students interact with content and understand key concepts.

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