SXSWedu 2014 Video Highlights: Keeping the Promise of Educational Technology

Written by Julia | March 5, 2014

Whether you missed a session, couldn’t attend the event, or just want to relive the excitement of SXSWedu 2014 sessions, the video highlights cover the insightful and engaging content and discussions that took place this year. Catch the opening Keynote, Keeping the Promise of Educational Technology with Norma Ming and Vivienne Ming, below!

SXSWedu 2014 Keynote - Keeping the Promise of Educational Technology from SXSWedu on Vimeo.

Imagine a technology that doesn’t intrude on the classroom, but expands it. Despite Ed Tech's many promises— “We’ll democratize education! We’ll personalize it! We’ll make it fun! We’ll fix a broken system!”—access isn’t truly ubiquitous, fancy tools go unused, and new technologies reinforce old paradigms. Too often, those who most need the support don’t receive it. Instead of cool technology that we release into the wild, we need technology that makes the most of the real world of teachers, families, and students. Teachers deserve technology that augments rather than mimics them, that enhances rather than constrains how they teach. For education to reach beyond schools, technology needs to create tangible value for all families, not just the educational elite.

Drawing on their failures and successes as students, teachers, researchers, and entrepreneurs, Vivienne and Norma will share their vision for keeping the promise of educational technology.

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