Film Highlight: The Bad Kids

Written by Sophie | January 21, 2016

The SXSWedu film program highlights keep coming! We are excited to feature the observational documentary The Bad Kids at the 2016 event.

The Bad Kids takes a close look at the Black Rock Continuation High School in the Mojave Desert. Black Rock is a high school for teens who are at risk of dropping out of school altogether. The documentary shares a series of stories and interviews through the lens of the Black Rock High School Principal, Vonda Viland.

Principal Viland works closely with each student to ensure the school is taking every measure possible to keep the teens on the right track to graduate. The film takes an in-depth look at a few of the high school students’ lives at home, as well as other external factors and how these varying components affect their school performance.

Overall, The Bad Kids focuses on the ultimate goal for every student in Black Rock High School, obtaining a high school diploma. The community of educators, students and staff who come together to make this goal become a reality is an inspirational story to watch.

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