Students; SXSWedu is for You Too!

Written by Jessica MacCall | February 19, 2016

Photo by Randy & Jackie SmithSXSWedu isn't just for the grown ups! If you are a student, passionate about your education and want to have a say in how you learn, join the conversation in Austin this March.

Students play an important role in the SXSWedu community. The event continues to see tremendous growth in both student participation ranging from student centered initiatives to student led sessions and events. For 2016, the event will feature a wide-range of programming topically aligned to learners such as student centered learning, student voice and student success.

If you are a student and plan to attend the March event, here's some programming worth starring in your online schedule:

Students at SXSWedu Meet Up

Network, collaborate and ideate on the role of students in education and what they can do to ensure that all students' rights are protected in schools. The Students at SXSWedu Meet Up will be a casual and open opportunity for the students attending SXSWedu to convene.

SXSWedu Expo

The Expo is a free event designed to encourage and inspire learners of all ages to identify and reach their education and career goals. In 2015, the Expo brought close to 6,000 Central Texas students, parents and educators together at the event. The event will feature exhibitors, mentors, student performances, a student startup competition and so much more!

Curriculum Associates Learning Lounge

Network and relax while recharging body, mind (and tablet!) in the Curriculum Associates Learning Lounge. Students, grab a snack in the VIP section and share your SXSWedu experience with new friends!


The Playground supports experiential learning during SXSWedu. This creative space is engineered to get attendees hands on and provides avenues for exploring new learning styles and approaches. Visit the playground to explore educational pursuits in maker, STEM, gaming, virtual learning, accessibility, arts integration and more.

You Matter! Creating a Student Advisory Board

You Matter! Creating a Student Advisory Board, Future15

Students matter, but may feel invisible to administration. How do students, online and on campus, partake in shared governance in order to improve the quality of a program and the student experience? Check out the Future15 session, You Matter! Creating a Student Advisory Board, to hear from program director, and professor, Dr. Dana Grossman Leeman as she shares experiences working with students to create a Student Advisory Board.

Privacy Flash Forward: Today’s Students Tomorrow, Panel

As these students grow, will technology act to empower them or is it creating a digital dossier they can’t shake? Find out in the panel Privacy Flash Forward: Today’s Students Tomorrow to explore the impact EdTech is likely to have on the futures of today’s students both in the classroom and beyond.

Designing a Student-Centric University, Summit

In the summit, Designing a Student-Centric University, students, faculty and staff will create seminar-style classes (inspired by design sprints) for SXSWedu panelists to actively engage with inspired attendees (who attended their panels) around key concepts and ideas in higher ed.

Personalized Learning Town Hall Meeting, Summit

Student success, access, and equity are common concerns that impact every campus. In the summit Personalized Learning Town Hall Meeting, attendees will have the opportunity to engage around core ideas and assumptions surrounding personalized learning, student success strategies, increasing access and promoting equity.

How Students Can Help Reinvent Higher Ed

How Students Can Help Reinvent Higher Ed, Summit

Some may think of students simply as customers of higher education, yet leading schools have discovered that students can play a far more strategic role as co-designers of the educational experience. The summit How Students Can Help Reinvent Higher Ed will be structured in two 90-minute active blocks (you may attend one or both). In the first, you will hear the student voice, from leaders trained to impact how learning happens at their institutions, and apply design thinking to frame opportunities for change in higher ed. In the second block, you will go deeper into design thinking strategies and collaborate with panelists to distill bold ideas into experiments that you can try to make a difference at your organization.

Film Screenings

The film program highlights poignant narratives and documentaries focusing on all aspects of education. The 2016 lineup covers topics including sexual assault on college campuses, how play influences learning and the battle to close the gender gap in computer science fields.

It's not too late to register! Don't miss out on all of the excitement scheduled for SXSWedu, March 7-10, 2016. After all, education is everyone's business!

Currently enrolled students are eligible to register for SXSWedu 2016 at a discounted student rate. For more information email

Photos courtesy of Randy & Jackie Smith, How Students Can Help Reinvent Higher Ed and You Matter! Creating a Student Advisory Boardsession organizers.

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