Avoiding College ‘Do-Overs’

Written by Guest | February 16, 2017

Photo provided by USA Funds

Author: Alison Griffin, Senior Vice President, External and Government Relations, USA Funds
Content provided by USA Funds

When you think back on your college experience, do you wish you had made different choices – pursued a different major or attended a different college or university? Survey research discloses that a significant percentage of former students would make different decisions about college if they had to do it over again. Unfortunately, most of us don’t get a second chance at college.

My colleagues Carol D’Amico of USA Funds and Brandon Busteed of Gallup will share findings from 70,000 interviews with consumers about their college choices, during a session on “Tackling Education Regret – Keys to Student Success.

To avoid college “do-overs,” students need to be equipped with resources to make informed decisions about their personal finances, career and life goals, and the most effective paths for achieving those goals. I am delighted to have the opportunity to moderate a panel – “Completing College With a Purpose” with two colleagues from Arizona State University. The panel will discuss how campuses can work collaboratively with outside partners to deploy resources that enhance student success.

In addition, we will provide a hands-on demonstration of three tools. These tools help prospective students make better college choices that are aligned with their aspirations and that help them stay on the path toward graduation and career success. Our panel “Real World Solutions for Guiding Students” will feature experts from our partners Student Connections, Roadtrip Nation and Launch My Career.

Let’s make sure more students leave campus with rewards, not regrets. We look forward to sharing resources to make that happen.

USA Funds USA Funds is a nonprofit organization that promotes Completion With a Purpose — building a more purposeful path for America’s students to and through postsecondary education to rewarding careers and fulfilling lives.

Photo provided by USA Funds.

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