How to RSVP for a Mentor Session at SXSWedu

Written by Ashleigh Garza | March 8, 2017

Signing up to talk with mentors can spark inspirational conversations and can foster great, new connections. Mentor sessions are 10 minute long sessions that focus on professional development in the mentor’s area of expertise. Here is how you can sign up to talk to a mentor today:

Step 1:
Log into your eduSocial account. If you are not logged into your account, you cannot sign up online.

Step 2:
Go to the Schedule and search our mentors list. Each mentor has a bio about their area of expertise and what you can talk to them about.

Step 3:
When you are logged into your eduSocial account you will be able to see each individual timeslot under the word “RSVP.” Next to the session time the text will either read “This session is full” or “RSVP for this timeslot.” If the time is available there will be a green button to RSVP. Click on the green button to RSVP for the timeslot you want.

Step 4:
You are confirmed and should immediately receive a confirmation email! Please show up early so you do not miss your session!

Additional tips:
You can RSVP for sessions from both the SXSWedu mobile app and the SXSWedu website online schedule.

Was the mentor you wanted to speak with fully booked? Don’t fret! We have a waitlist onsite and would be happy to add you on the waitlist! Come early to ACC, room 11AB, to put your name on the waitlist as the list will become long quickly. Please note that the waitlist does not guarantee you a session with that mentor.

If you need to cancel your mentor session you will do so on the same page you made your RSVP on. As a courtesy to other SXSWedu attendees, please cancel your session as soon as possible when a conflict arises that you need to attend to, so other attendees can sign up in your place.

Photo by Benedict Jones.