Announcing Additional 2013 Concurrent Sessions

Written by Gaby | January 7, 2013

Photo by Otto Helweg SXSWedu is excited to announce the final wave of Concurrent Sessions accepted to present March 4-7, 2013 in Austin, Texas.

Thank you to the SXSWedu Advisory Board and community for contributing to the selection of almost 150 fantastic sessions! There is much to look forward to this coming March.

Browse the newly accepted sessions below and visit the Concurrent Sessions page to read the complete list of concurrent sessions and panelists accepted to present at SXSWedu.

Accessibility and Special Education

Can BYOD Narrow the Digital Divide?
Michael Mills (University of Central Arkansas)

Equity and Excellence: IT in Small Rural Schools
Nina Peery (White Oak ISD)
Stacey Perkins (Hallsville ISD)
Pam Cranford (White Oak ISD)

Portable Profiles for High Access Learning
Megan Simmons (Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (ISKME))
Colin Clark (Inclusive Design Research Centre (IDRC))

Achievement Gaps and Educational Equality

Community Organizing for School Turnaround
Allen Weeks (Austin Voices for Education and Youth)

In it Together: Blended Classrooms and Communities
Amy Jenkins (Education Elements)
Lisa Duty (Knowledgeworks)
Vanessa Gonzalez (Education Elements)

Mind the Gap: Debate Skills for At-Risk Kids
Audra Martin (The Economist)

Nation in Decline: Why We Suck at Science and Math
Jason Coleman (Project SYNCERE)
Kim Magloire (SciTech Educational Solutions)
Marcia Wade Talbert (Black Enterprise Magazine)
Freeman Hrabowski (University of Maryland Baltimore County)

Saving America's Black Boys
Mike Green (The America21 Project)

The San Francisco Superintendent’s Zone: A Lean Startup
Luis Valentino (San Francisco Unified School District)
Guadalupe Guerrero (San Francisco Unified School District)

Best Practices and Pedagogy

College Vs. UnCollege: Are Degrees Worth It?
Dale Stephens (UnCollege)
Jeremy Johnson (2U)

Disrupting Education: A Master-Apprentice Approach
Jeff Sandefer (Acton School of Business & Acton Academy)

Growing Nimble Thinkers for the Creative Economy
Deborah Morrison (University of Oregon)
Glenn Griffin (University of Alabama)

Mother Nature's Pedagogy: Play and Self-Education
Peter Gray (Boston College)

Project Based Learning: The 8 Essential Elements
Alfred Solis (Buck Institute foe Eduction)
John Mergendoller (Buck Institute for Education)

Big Data and Emerging Technologies

Big Dreams, Big Data: Putting EduAnalytics to Work
George Siemens (Technology Enhanced Knowledge Research Institute (TEKRI) at Athabasca University)
Charles Thornburgh (Civitas Learning Inc)
Mark Milliron (WGU Texas)
Nicole Melander (Achieving the Dream)

CCSS Implementation Tools vs Orientation Rhetoric
Melissa Wadman (Smithsonian Center for Education and Museum Studies)
Joe Hobson (Navigation North Learning Solutions)
Brian Ausland (Navigation North Learning Solutions)

Donuts, Data and Deep Dives
Tom Vander Ark (Open Education Solutions)
Aimee Guidera (Data Quality Campaign)
Daniel Domagala (Colorado Department of Education)
Lori Fey (Michael & Susan Dell Foundation)

LRMI: Peek Under the Hood of Personalized Learning
Alicia Powers (Noodle Education)
Din Heiman (BrainPOP)
Michael Jay (Educational Systemics)

LX Design: Evidence-Based Learning Solutions
Christopher Hoadley (New York University)
Shawn Mahoney (Pearson Education)
Robert Atkinson (Arizona State University)
Jeff Bergin (Pearson Education)

Social Enrollment: A+ ROI for Students and Colleges
Michael Staton (
Adam Kloza (McGraw-Hill Education)
Jordan Goldman (Unigo, LLC)

Civic Engagement and Advocacy

BigCamp : How Hackathon Changed the Edu in Korea
Kim Han Ju (Big Camp )
Hyungil Cho (Samsung Electronics)
Jihyun Yun (Big Camp)

Hacking the University
Tim Cole (University of Bristol)
Lucy Heywood (Stand + Stare Collective)
John Troyer (Centre for Death and Society)
Clare Reddington (Watershed)

Storytelling: A Powerful Advocate
Peter Murner (AMS Public Interest )
Natalie Glover (AMS Public Interest)

DIY and Maker

Encouraging Literacy and Young Authors Through Tech
Joelle Alcaidinho (MetSchools)
Buffy Hamilton (Creekview High School)

Entrepreneurialism and Business

Cultivating Entrepreneurs and Innovators
Candice Olson (Fullbridge)
Burck Smith (Straighterline)

From Legacy to Uncertainty: The Digital Future of Major "Textbook" Publishers
Christopher Goodson (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)
Peter Cohen (Pearson)
Stephen Laster (McGraw-Hill Education)
Frank Catalano (Intrinsic Strategy)

New Ecosystems for Ed Innovation
Tim Brady (Imagine K12)
Jessie Arora (TeacherSquare)
Alex Hernandez (Charter School Growth Fund)
Heather GIlchrist (Socratic Labs)

Peer-to-Peer Marketplaces, Meet Ed-Tech
Lee Jacobs (Colingo)
Dinesh Thirupuvanam (Udemy)
Dan Johnston (InstaEDU)

Funding and Philanthropy

Building Schools Into the Innovation Ecosystem
Jess Bialecki (Classroom Blueprint)
Audrey Watters (Hack Eduation)
Steve Weber (UC Berkeley)
Steven Hodas (InnovateNYC)

Gaming, Learning and Development

Building Learning Community with Purpose and Joy
Emily Lewis (Westborough High School)
Justin Schwamm (Tres Columnae Project)
Gerol Petruzella (Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts)

Digital Content in the 21st Century Classroom
Matthew Tessier (Chula Vista Elementary School District)
Karen Justl (Spring Branch ISD)
Adam Seldow (Chesterfield County Public Schools)
Crystal Hutter (Edmodo)

Game-Savvy Teachers: Next Generation Learning
Rick Brennan (Histrionix Learning Company)
Edwin Dawson (Sunnyside Unified School District)
Sasha Barab (Arizona State University Center for Games & Impact)
Michael Angst (E-Line Media)

Preparing High-Tech Innovators Through Game Design
Jennifer Bergland (Texas Computer Education Association )
Joe Gonzales (East Austin College Prep Academy)
Ward Tisdale (AMD)
Idit Harel Caperton (World Wide Workshop)

Global Connections and International Approaches

Develop Student Global I.Q.
Jennifer Vollmann (New Global Citizens)

Social Innovation From Students, For Students
Dell Education Challenge Winner (n/a)
John Mullen (Dell)
Suzi Sosa (Dell Social Innovation Challenge)

Leadership and Inspiration

"Blending" the University: Beyond MOOCs
Gigi Johnson (Maremel Institute)

Don't Make Me Go Back to Traditional Education
Ludvik Herrera (North Dakota State University)
Isabetta Bleu Herrera Grant (Bleu Cloud)

Policy Wonks, Public Leaders, and Smart Reform
Adrian Fenty (Public Office)

Schools Not Jails, Education Not Incarceration
Bianca Neal (ReRoute Music Group)
SaulPaul (ReRoute Productions)


Cage Match: The Massive Open Online Course Debate
Curtis Bonk (Indiana University)
Charles Severance (University of Michigan)

Customize OER for Tablets, Replacing Textbooks
Chuck Higley (Amarillo Independent School District)
Michael Messner (Net Texts, Inc.)

Online Education: Will it Make Us Smarter?
Alison Johnston (InstaEDU)
Eren Bali (Udemy)
Andrew Grauer (Course Hero)
Ki Mae Heussner (GigaOM)

Post-Secondary Prep and Beyond

Personalization + Persistence in Online Programs
Brad MclIQuham (Knewton)
David Forgues (UNLV)

Redefining and Redesigning the College Transition
Whitney Davis-Molin (Educational Policy Improvement Center (EPIC))
Sarah Katherine Collins (Educational Policy Improvement Center (EPIC))

Social and Mobile Learning

Breaking the Mold: New Models for Learning (K-20)
Mary Esselmann (Education Achievement Authority of Michigan)
Van Davis (Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board)
Carolyn Page (EDUCAUSE)

Flip, Blend, Connect: Examining Our Practices
Stephanie Sandifer (Houston A+ Challenge )
Carolyn Foote (Westlake High School; Eanes ISD)

Social Media in Higher Ed - Where are We Going?
Tanya Joosten (Learning Technology Center, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
Laura Pasquini (University of North Texas)
Brandon Croke (Inigral Inc.)
Bradley Popiolek (Apollo Group)

Student Living Enhanced Through Social Media
Karen Gibson (St. Edward's University)
Margaret Garry (St. Edward's Universith)