Session Spotlight: Civic Engagement and Advocacy

Written by Jessica MacCall | February 11, 2013

Photo by Jessica MacCallThe 2013 SXSWedu Conference & Festival will feature programming related to the theme of civic engagement and advocacy. Browse the list of sessions below and bookmark them in the online schedule now.

Concurrent Sessions

BigCamp : How Hackathon Changed the Edu in Korea
Kim Han Ju (Big Camp )
Hyungil Cho (Samsung Electronics)
Jihyun Yun (Big Camp)

Hacking the University
Tim Cole (University of Bristol)
Lucy Heywood (Stand + Stare Collective)
John Troyer (Centre for Death and Society)
Clare Reddington (Watershed)

Kids Who Produce News Become Better Citizens
Renee Hobbs (Harrington School of Communication and Media)
Gil Garcia (Austin High School)
Leah Clapman (PBS NewsHour)

Mobile Technology and Hispanic Empowerment
Mark Lopez (Pew Hispanic Center)
Gus West (The Hispanic Institute)
Brent Wilkes (LULAC)
Jason Llorenz (Hispanic Technology & Telecommunications Partnership)

Storytelling: A Powerful Advocate
Peter Murner (AMS Public Interest )
Natalie Glover (AMS Public Interest)

Using Online Resources to Engage Health Education
Mary Rollins (Discovery Education)
Lisa Gable (Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation)
Kate Zimmer (Edelman Digital)

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