Sessions Spotlight: Global Connections and International Approaches

Written by Jessica MacCall | November 26, 2012

Photo by Otto HelwegAs the SXSWedu community continues to grow, new voices and perspectives join the discussion on the future of teaching and learning. Check out the growing list of programming surrounding Global Connections and International Approaches accepted to present at SXSWedu, March 4-7, 2013 in Austin, Texas.

Concurrent Sessions

How Video Calls Globalize Shared Learning
Wendy Gorton (My Hero Project)
Angela Maiers (Maiers Education Consulting)
John Boyer (Virginia Tech)
Elisa Steele (Skype )

Teaching Cheetahs: Disruptive Education in Africa
Rick Reeder (Dj Johnnyk)
Christopher Khaemba (Dj Johnnyk)
Christy Pipkin (The Nobelity Project)
John Kidenda (The African Leadership Bridge)


Learning Through Doing
Barbara Soalheiro (Mesa&Cadeira)
Casey Caplowe (GOOD)

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