Playground Displays

SXSWedu is pleased to include the following Displays in the 2015 Playground. Spend some time in the Playground during the event visiting these interactive displays to explore and discover new learning pursuits in maker, STEM education, gaming, arts, accessibility and more!

Playground Displays showcase effective learning approaches with an emphasis on innovation through discovery-based learning. This creative and high-energy space provides a platform for organizations to engage with attendees through these stationary displays that remain active for the duration of the Playground at SXSWedu 2015.

Playground Display Hours

Monday, March 9 1:00pm - 5:00pm
Tuesday, March 10 10:00am - 4:00pm
Wednesday, March 11 10:00am - 4:00pm
Thursday, March 12 9:00am - 12:00pm



New York, New York
Join the 3Doodler team to get hands-on with the newest version of the world's first 3D-printing pen and learn how it can fit in your curriculum.

Amazing Grace Christian School

Amazing Grace Christian School

Seattle, Washington
Play with AGCS educator/researcher, students and Table Top Inventing. Spark ideas for guiding students to become learning designers through Portal 2, Corinth augmented reality apps that print 3D objects, arduinos, and tools like OneNote and Sway!

AnimAction, Inc.

Los Angeles, California
Produce animation with AnimAction! Using our mobile animation studio we will demonstrate our process hands-on. Attendees can also become participants—spend a few minutes with us and produce a few seconds of animation or spend all day with us.


Sandy, Utah
Using our demo satellite, we will run experiments like measuring G-Force or attaching sensor data to music. Our display will include Arduinos and the sensors used in space to run scientific experiments and give a hands-on STEM experience.

Austin's Ed Gaming Community

Austin, Texas
Attendees will be able to play educational games, including those that were created or enhanced during the Austin Education Game Jam, a 48-hour hack-a-thon event in support of the President's Educate to Innovate Initiative.

blink blink

New York, New York
blink blink Creative Circuit kits provide girls with all of the materials to make 10+ arts, crafts, and fashion projects with technology. Attendees can explore and play with the materials in the kit and build their own DIY wearable tech piece.

Centre Edouard Branly

Centre Edouard Branly

Paris, France
CineTools is an open toolbox that enables teachers to use movies in the classroom or via a mooc/spoc program. You can select movies from our database, cut & paste and create mashups. You can also add comments and share your experimentations.



Dublin, Ireland
Visit CoderDojo, a global community of free programming clubs for young people ages 7-17, who will be showcasing their work. You can get a taste of what it's like to attend CoderDojo and learn your first lines of code by taking part in a live Dojo!

Decoding Dyslexia

Austin, Texas
Experience Dyslexia from two perspectives, a dyslexia classroom simulation and assistive technology available today. We will also have examples of instructional techniques that are proven to be effective for all learners.

Digital Media Academy

Digital Media Academy

Silicon Valley, California
Digital Media Academy is a technology education company that empowers the next generation of makers. Come sample some of our hands-on activities in Programming, 3D Printing & Modeling, Game Design, Minecraft, Robotics, Animation, and more!


Austin, Texas
Come by the GameSalad table and learn how easy it is to make your own games! We'll be doing hands-on demos of GameSalad Creator, the fastest and best way to make your own games.

GENYOUth Foundation

New York, New York
GENYOUth's social entrepreneurship program, AdVenture Capital enables students to create and own healthy change in their schools and communities. Hear from students who are making change happen.

Jacob Burns Film Center

Jacob Burns Film Center

Pleasantville, New York
Come and play with an exciting, interactive, and free feature of the new JBFC website. View Now Do Nows are short viewing and media making opportunities that can be done in or out of the classroom, each with a strong focus on an ELA literacy concept.



London, United Kingdom
A chance for both existing and new Kahooters to meet! Play games, get tips on how to embed Kahoot! in class & discover alternative ways to use it. We're flying over from Europe. Join us to help unlock the magic of learning & create classroom heroes!

LEGO Education

Billund, Denmark
A playful learning experience awaits with LEGO Education! Witness how a unique learning approach in all subjects from STEM to humanities, language and literacy, along with relevant curriculum and a creative teaching approach can make every student a success!

National Writing Project

Berkeley, California
Educators from the National Writing Project have been leading an open online collaboration called Making Learning Connected, known as CLMOOC. Play with us in CLMOOC-ish ways and explore Connected Learning as well as the Educator Innovator Initiative.

New York Hall of Science

New York Hall of Science

New York, New York
NYSCI presents mobile tools and curricula for playful STEM learning. Explore creative digital tools and compelling design-based projects for middle school math and science, from photo mashups for fractions to playground experiences for physics.



Washington, DC
Join KaBOOM! in playing, building, and tinkering with Rigamajig, an innovative large-scale building kit for kids of all ages. Curriculum suggestions, a video of Rigamajig in use, and information about purchasing and grants are also available.

SMART Technologies

Calgary, Canada
Over the past 23 years SMART Technologies has been on the forefront of classroom technology innovation. Approximately 2.6 million teachers and nearly 70 million students around the world use SMART solutions for education to make learning more interactive, engaging, effective and fun.

Sunset Spark

Brooklyn, New York
Come by our display to see video games, toys, and wearable tech created by our members. We'll also help you brainstorm to start developing unique science and technology classes to help engage your community using local resources.

Los Angeles, CA
Come see two sculptural pieces crafted from… old college textbooks. Then come see the unexpected props people have made from old college textbooks. Pick a favorite or two, hop into our photo booth with your best pose and have your picture taken.



New York, New York
Participants will discover ways to integrate computer programming with teenagers' interests in art, digital media, and theatre. There will be a stop-motion station to learn the basics of JavaScript by coding video effects.


St. Paul, Minnesota
Can you build a 12 foot tower out of toilet paper tubes? YOXO challenges you to push the limits of your imagination and discover your inner engineer using eco-friendly, USA made YOXO building links along with household maker materials.