Playground Displays

Playground Displays Photos courtesy of Digital Harbor Foundation, UTeach and Thinkery

SXSWedu is pleased to include the following Displays in the 2014 Playground. Spend some time in the Playground during SXSWedu visiting these interactive displays to explore and discover new learning pursuits in maker, STEM education, gaming, arts and more!

Playground Display Hours

Monday, March 3 12:00pm - 6:00pm
Tuesday, March 4 8:00am - 6:00pm
Wednesday, March 5 8:00am - 6:00pm
Thursday, March 6 8:00am - 12:00pm


Leaders from a variety of organizations welcome attendees to demo their cutting-edge approaches to teaching and learning.

Digital Harbor Foundation
Baltimore, MD

The Digital Harbor Foundation fosters innovation, tech advancement, and entrepreneurship by helping youth develop digital age skills through maker activities and tech workforce development.

East Austin College Prep
Austin, TX

Student game designers at East Austin College Prep take an innovative class where they create educational web games in Flash. Games are focused on a variety of social issues ranging from safe driving to healthy living. Join the students of EA Prep as they discuss the extensive design process and display their games for you to play.

GameUp by BrainPOP
New York, NY

Come Play: Join BrainPOP along with classroom practitioners and some of our GameUp partners as we play educational games by top developers like Filament Games, Tynker, E-Line Media, TeacherGaming, Intific, FableVision, Sesame Workshop, Classroom, Inc., Common Sense Media, NCTM, MIT Education Arcade, Learning Games Network, iCivics, Mangahigh, Museum of Science+Industry Chicago,®, Thirteen, University of Washington, and many more.

Games & Assessment: Join the conversation about the role of games in assessment. Connect with researchers from Project Tomorrow, the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop, and Classroom, Inc. Plus, go behind the scenes with BrainPOP.

Redwood City, CA

Come play the latest Common Core learning and assessment games from GlassLab –before they hit the market! Learn how these new classroom tools were created by commercial game designers working in tandem with assessment designers to deliver an engaging game-based learning experience along with real-time estimates of student learning that teachers can trust. Explore new research, tools and resources for educators and developers who are looking to level up.

John B. Connally High School Cougar Productions
Austin, TX

Our students will showcase a variety of digital media that they produce in our Digital A/V Production classes. These works include original video ads, short narratives, an iBook about childhood obesity, documentaries and promo videos for organizations like Forklift Danceworks and Pflugerville I.S.D.

Leap Motion
San Francisco, CA

Leap Motion is a revolutionary motion control device allowing interactions with computers using natural, fluid hand movements. We will be showcasing a few of our educational apps each day across many subjects - Computer Science, Math, Art, Music, Science and Special Needs...and this is just the beginning! Join us to be engaged, informed and have fun!

Play from Scratch
St. Paul, MN

Roll up your sleeves and start inventing with YOXO ("yock-so"), a new construction set from Minnesota-based green toy company Play from Scratch. YOXO transforms paper towel roll tubes into dragonflies, cereal boxes into robots and helps remind kids (and adults) that they are innately creative and resourceful. Start hoarding toilet paper tubes and transform your recycling into fuel for kids' creativity.

Power Poetry
New York, NY

Poetry and algorithms rarely go together--and perhaps for good reason. But when Power Poetry, the world's first and largest digital poetry community for youth, joined forces with the SumAll Foundation, an organization dedicated to using the power of data for social good, they reached a startling conclusion: poetry has the potential to close the literacy gap. Learn about their methods and see for yourself the impact poetry has on those youth who are most often left behind.

SparkFun Electronics
Boulder, CO

Come explore the world of DIY electronics with SparkFun! With our innovative tools and curriculum, we’ll help you discover how to introduce important STEM concepts in your class. Using things like paper circuits and conductive thread, we bridge electronics with the arts, fostering an environment that encourages experiential learning and self-led exploration. Our materials are accessible to 3rd graders, but flexible and rigorous enough to be used in college curriculum and beyond.

The University of Oklahoma - One University
Norman, OK

Step into a mini version of the One University store. Explore 3D printing, Google Glass, Google Liquid Galaxy, an iBooks wall, and more. Experience what our students, faculty, and community experience every day within the walls of the student union and get inspired to learn and create with technology. It's a playground for innovation and we invite you on this adventure with us.

Austin, TX

Join educators from the Thinkery and participate in hands-on activities that integrate science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. Learn about the Thinkery’s innovative programs that equip and inspire the next generation of creative problem solvers. Leave your card to be entered in a drawing for free passes to the Museum’s adult only night, Thinkery21, taking place on Thursday, March 6th.

Tobii ATI
Dedham, MA

Tobii ATI is the leading provider of eye-tracking enabled augmented and alternative communication (AAC) and accessibility devices that allow the disabled to communicate, work, attend school, control their environment and live more independently. The company delivers the most advanced communication tools available through award-winning eye-tracking hardware and software solutions. For more information, please visit

Mountain View, CA

Tynker is an online visual platform for kids to learn programming and design in a fun way. We provide lesson plans, assessment and management tools that make it easy to teach programming through engaging activities. Over 10,000 schools and 4.5 million students use Tynker. Stop by our display for some hands-on coding activities and learn how anyone can learn to code. Discover the best practices for introducing programming at your school.

Austin, TX

With the support of the UTeach Institute, UTeach has spread to 35 universities across the US including over 6,000 students and 1,600 graduates. Recently, UTeach collaborated with Austin ISD to establish UTeachEngineering to develop leaders in secondary engineering education and create the research-based high school curriculum Engineer Your World (EYW), under sponsorship from the NSF. Stop by to learn more about UTeach and participate in hands-on activities, including design challenges from EYW.

San Antonio, TX

2014 is the year of youth tech entrepreneurship and is creating next generation innovators and entrepreneurs. We will showcase our courses, the technology used to teach students entrepreneurship, and the epic products they've created. Come get inspired by kids doing great things in game design, 3D printing, urban farming, and more.

Webster, NY

At Xerox, we perform leading-edge research and create high-impact innovations that make a difference in the world. Come by the Xerox Display to experience our spirit of innovation by test-driving the latest technology for education and other industries.

Photos courtesy of Digital Harbor Foundation, UTeach and Thinkery