Sessions and Workshops

SXSWedu session photo by Jessy Ann Huff

Daytime sessions and workshops make up the bulk of the conference program at SXSWedu and are crowdsourced by community members via PanelPicker. Programming is presented in a variety of formats, as seen below.

For questions about PanelPicker submissions check out the PanelPicker FAQ or email with questions.

Program Tracks

Program Formats

Session formats highlight the various styles of engagement at SXSWedu. Formats differ in duration and level of audience participation. Attendees are encouraged to participate in multiple formats for a dynamic experience during their time at SXSWedu.

Case Studies

(1-3 Speakers • 60 min)

An opportunity for individuals or organizations to present their research and analyses of projects, policies, institutions or other systems followed by an audience Q&A.

Core Conversations

(1-2 Speakers • 60 min)

A speaker led informal and open conversation with attendees around a particular topic. Attend these sessions ready to share your insights.


(2-3 Speakers • 60 min)

A constructive moderated discussion between two leaders of opposing viewpoints, followed by audience Q&A.


(1 Speaker • 20 min)

A short, focused presentations structured in a rapid-fire format to deliver two compelling talks within a one-hour period.

Industry Talks

(1-3 Speakers • 30 min)

A casual presentation highlighting key insights and market trends influencing education business, including an audience Q&A.

Meet Ups

(1-2 Speakers • 60 min)

A topic-focused networking event that encourage communities at SXSWedu to connect with others who share similar passions or interests during the event.

Panel Discussions

(2-4 Speaker • 60 min)

A diverse and focused discussion around a particular topic followed by audience Q&A.

Playground Talks

(1-2 Speakers • 30 min)

A casual stage presentation highlighting discovery-based learning activities in the SXSWedu Playground, including an audience Q&A.

Playground Hands On

(1-2 Speakers • 30 min)

A casual hands on experience showcasing a particular idea in the SXSWedu Playground.

Show & Tell

(1-2 Speakers • 30 min)

A unique opportunity for organizations to showcase their products and services to the forward thinking community at SXSWedu.

Problem Solvers

(1-3 Speakers • 120 min)

An interactive exercise designed to address a prevalent challenge where speakers facilitate a number of small group discussions to identify possible solutions.


(1-4 Speakers per hour • Half day or whole day)

An extended form of programming with multiple formats that creates an intimate and collaborative environment to arrive at actionable outcomes.


(1-3 Speakers • 120 min)

An in-depth, instructional program with hands-on learning and specific takeaways.

Photo by Jessy Ann Huff.