Sessions and Workshops

Daytime sessions and workshops make up the bulk of the conference program at SXSWedu and are crowdsourced by community members via PanelPicker. This content is presented through a variety of formats explained below. For detailed information about each session, visit the online schedule!

Session formats indicate the various styles of engagement at SXSWedu. Formats differ in duration and level of audience participation. Attendees are encouraged to participate in multiple formats for a dynamic experience during their time at SXSWedu.

Program Formats

Core Conversations Debates
Future15s Industry Talks
Panel Discussions Playground Hands On
Playground Talks Problem Solvers
Show & Tell Solo Presentations
Summits Workshops

Program Themes

SXSWedu Arts SXSWedu Assessment SXSWedu Cognitive Process SXSWedu Continuing Education SXSWedu Data Analytics
SXSWedu Early Learning SXSWedu Educational Equality SXSWedu Entrepreneurialism SXSWedu Gaming SXSWedu Implementation
SXSWedu Instructional Strategies SXSWedu Leadership SXSWedu Learning Spaces SXSWedu SEL SXSWedu Special Needs

Accepted Sessions

Browse the first batch of session programming selected for SXSWedu 2016 and stay tuned as additional sessions are added leading up to March. Note that session specifics (including date, time and location) will be available when the 2016 online schedule launches in January.

Core Conversations

Core Conversations allow discussion leaders to facilitate an informal and open dialogue with attendees around a particular topic. Attend these sessions ready to share your insights. (60 minutes)

SXSWedu Core Conversation Sessions

A "Car-Talk" for the Ed Sector

Augmented Reality: Engaging a Minecraft Generation

Building a Personalized Learning Teacher

Co-Design: Campus, Interrupted

Failing Sucessfully in a School: True Confessions

From Library to Innovation and Design Center

How Mastery-Based Learning Changes the Game

Let's Talk: The Good & Bad of Digital Citizenship

On-Tech and On-Task

Social Media: Legal Pitfalls and Best Practices

Students as Global Entrepreneurs Thru 3 Big Pivots

The Promise and Peril of Technology Disruption

Top-Notch Teaching for Struggling Kids

Unsanctioned Professional Development

What if Everyone Wanted to be a Teacher?

What the Pell? New Data on Pell Grad Rates


Debates provide a platform for constructive, moderated discussion between two leaders of opposing viewpoints. (60 minutes)

Innovation in Charters vs. Districts

Two Perspectives on Personalized Learning


Future15s are short, focused presentations structured in a rapid-fire format to deliver six compelling talks within a two-hour period. (15 minutes per speaker)

SXSWedu Future15 Sessions

10 Lessons Teachers Can Learn From Marketers

Adult Literacy: The Untold Key to Economic Success

Aging: The Opportunity For Continuing Education

Apply Lean Startup to Your Program Idea

Autism: A Father’s Perspective

Beyond the Achievement Gap: Why Do We Educate?

Building an EDUconomy

Careers Before Credentials

Closing Tech Talent Gap with Adult Growth Mindsets

Closing the Equity Gap

Coding the Common Core

Coffee’s for Closers: How to Succeed in Edtech

College, Career and Entrepreneur Ready

Connecting Edupreneurs to Creative Pros

Crowdsourcing a Children's Book About the Internet

Designing Environments to Increase Creativity

Education is the Next Punk Rock

Game Designers, Also Known as Teachers

Gen Z - Stop Talking About Them and Start Engaging Them

Getting Youth Actively Involved Not Acting Out

How Social Media Can Unlock Students' Potential

How to Build a University in the 21st Century

How to Start Your Dream Hardware Company

Identity in the Making with Early Adolescents

Improvement: Learning Fast to Implement Well

Inclusion is a Growth Industry

Investing in Scalable Education Companies Globally

Inviting the Public Back into Public Education

Make It Stick: Apply Marketing to Education

Massive AI is Coming — You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet!

Media Design for Learners Using Multimedia Theory

No One Cares About Standards - We Want Skills

ENCORE: No One Cares About Standards - We Want Skills

Obtaining Rapid Growth

Peer to Peer Learning for a Truly Global Education

Reclaim the Teachers' Lounge

Rewriting the Story of Education

Soft Skills & Surviving the Maelstrom

Storytelling: The Key to Diversity in Education

Sustainability Gap: Teachers, Data, and the Future

Teachers Need Personalized Learning Too

Teachers: The "Secret Sauce" for Innovation in the Classroom

Teaching the Weird Way

Teacher Voice in the Design Process

Teaching Women Entrepreneurs: Tips from WIN Lab

The Importance of Micro-Credentialing in Maker Education

Think, Create, Share & Grow in School Library Spaces

Virtual Reality at the British Museum

What the Public Wants from Our Schools

WhoClass: The MOOC That's Bigger on the Inside

Why School Libraries Matter in The Information Age

Why Students Will Love Math By 2020

WordPress for Schools - Saving Taxpayer Dollars

You Matter! Creating a Student Advisory Board

Industry Talks

Industry Talks take place in the Industry Hub and are casual, 30 minute stage presentations highlighting key insights and trends influencing education, including an audience Q&A.

Panel Discussions

Panel Discussions provide a diverse conversation around a particular topic, including audience Q&A. (60 minutes)

SXSWedu Panel Discussion Sessions

A Data-Driven Culture: Who's Behind the Wheel?

A New Narrative: Storytelling for Social Change

Activating Student Voices

Adapting "Adaptive Learning" for Real Schools

Are They Learning? Competency-Based Student Voices

Arts Education: Nothing Elective About It

Begging for Disruption: EdTech Procurement

Beyond Buzz: Credentialing & Competency Revolution

Better Partnerships Create a Competitive Workforce

Beyond Walls: Art Museums and Online Learning

Black Lives Matter: The Impact It Has On Our Schools

Boot Camp for Building a Student Privacy Program

Breaking the Standardized Test Addiction

Breaking the University from the Inside Out

Bridging the College and Career Prep Divide

Can Media Teach Character Strengths & Life Skills?

Can Public Money Help Higher Ed Innovation?

Changemaker Ed: Transforming How Kids Grow Up

Civitas Learning Partner Talk Show

Collaboration Culture by Design

Creating the World’s First Early Childhood Fab Lab

Creating Viral-Worthy Creative Classroom Content

CS10K: Scaling Computer Science Teacher Training

Cultivating Teacher Readiness in Next Gen Learning

Culture By Design

Deeper Game-Based Learning In and Out of Class

Digital Diversity: Minorities Excelling in Tech

Diplomas Optional: Jobs of the New Century

Driving Student Voice in Educational Design

EdTech’s Blind Spot: Closing the ELL Equity Gap

Edu-Gaming: Money, Morals and Games in Classrooms

Education & Employment in a Changing World of Work

Entrepreneurship: The Empowering Nature of Failure

Extreme Learners and Transforming Education

Finding the Medium

Flipping the Classroom with YouTube’s Top Teachers

Foundations of Change: Analytics in Grant Projects

From Analytics to Action

From College to Jobs: MOOCs and Credentialing

From Research to Recess-Early Learning in Practice

From South LA to the Ivy League

Getting Real About Challenges with Student Success

Giving Hope: Overcoming Odds with Blended Learning

Graduating to Digital-First Branding in Higher Ed

Great Moments in Teaching. Really?

Hacking Education Through Libraries

How Music Powers STEAM Education and the Brain

How Teacherpreneurs are Shaking Up Classrooms

How to Make a Play in Competency-Based Education

How to Study Music Technology in the Classroom

Innovation in Libraries

InnovationU: Unlocking the University-as-Incubator

Inspiring Little Learners to Become Big Thinkers

Institutionalizing Student Success at Universities

Invisible Assessment: What K-12 Can Learn from ECE

Leveling the Maker Playing Field: A National Plan

Lights, Buzzers, ButterflyBots & Girls in STEM

Lights, Camera, Lecture: Producing a Better MOOC

LX Design: Because Learning Design Requires UX

Making Higher Ed Work for K-12

Making OER Work: Peer Learning in Public Libraries

Massive Online Learning Challenges

Mobile Archives: Preserving Community Memories

Modern Social Studies: New Standards, New Tools

MOOCs & Teacher PD: Mindless Snack or Hearty Fare?

Moving the Needle: Innovation and Change in EdTech

Museums Give Teachers Control to Create

No Barriers: Models for Making in Your Community

Opportunity Divide: Math as a Social Justice Lever

Optimizing Ed: UDL, Tech & Personalized Learning

Passion and Purpose: Social Justice for Change

Personalized Learning: Campus Leadership Insights

PISA's Failed Club: Are Startups the Answer?

Preparing Future Innovators for the IoT Era

Promises and Perils of Open Learning for Kids

Promoting Student Success at 2-Year Colleges

Protecting Student Privacy in the Digital World

RAISEup Texas; Closing the Achievement Gap

Rarefied Air: Diversity in Education Innovation

Real Examples: Teacher-Entrepreneur Collaboration

Redefining Pathways to Success: Lessons from SE67

Reimagine Education: Abandoning Age-Based Learning

Research in the Undergraduate Curriculum

Robotics: The New Lettered Sport

Scaling in Education: Lessons from Tyton Growth50

School's Out, So Let the Learning Continue

Sharing Educational Solutions Across Borders

Shark Tank: Edu Edition

Stimulating Social Enterprises' Impact in Education

Student-Centered Learning: 3 Whole-School Models

Students on Diversity and Inclusivity in Schools

Students Unfiltered: Digital in the Classroom

Sustainable Educational Development Initiative in Africa

Teaching Code is Not About Creating Programmers

Teaching the Startup Mentality

The Accidental Consequences of Data Privacy Laws

The Achievement Gap for Struggling Learners

The Dog Ate My Charger: Overcoming EdTech Barriers

The Future of Educational Assessment

The Future of the Local Public School

The Myth of Magical Devices

The Myth of the Learning Style Holds Students Back

The Paradigm Shift of a Global Classroom

The Power of Student Voice in Today’s Classroom

The Rise of the Teacher Entrepreneur

The Science of Learning II

The Science of Teacher Hiring

The Subtle Psychology of Motivation and Learning

The Technology Test Kitchen: Learning by Doing

The Tide is Turning for Music Education

Think Rethink! CrowdSourcing Innovation

Throwing Out Grades for Better Student Learning

Tiny Schools: Learning How to Prototype Innovative

Traditional vs. Competency-Based Learning Models

TRUE/FALSE All Kids Should Learn to Code in School

Underprepared Students on the Pathway to Success

We Have Data—Now What? Insights to Interventions

We Need to Talk: Building Inclusive Communities

What Do We Mean When We Ask if EdTech "Works"?

What Higher Ed Can Learn from Uber and Airbnb

What Higher Ed’s Top 10 IT Issues Mean for You

Why and How Entrepreneurship Matters for Education

Why Startups Should Hire My High School Students

Why YOU Should Care About Special Education

Playground Hands On

Playground Hands On presentations are short instructional experiences encouraging attendee participation and exploration in the SXSWedu Playground. Visit the Playground page to learn more and to view the listing of accepted Hands On sessions. (30 minutes)

Playground Talks

Playground Talks are casual stage presentations highlighting discovery-based learning activities in the SXSWedu Playground, including an audience Q&A. Visit the Playground page to learn more and to view the listing of accepted Talk sessions. (30 minutes)

Problem Solvers

Problem Solvers offer an interactive exercise designed to address a prevalent challenge that is briefly summarized at the beginning of the session. Leaders will facilitate a two-hour attendee engagement for a number of small groups to work on possible solutions and present their findings. (120 minutes)

SXSWedu Problem Solver Sessions

Are Your Students Ready for the Creative Economy?

Creativity and the Arts as a Catalyst for Change

Design 1 Space - 60 Students, 3 Teachers, 3 Modes

Design Thinking the Whole School

How Do We Give Teachers More Time?

Making Better Teacher Data Dashboards

Privacy Flash Forward: Today’s Students Tomorrow

Putting People of Color at the Center of Design

TeachingPartners Announcements

Using Data to Start Students Off Strong

Show & Tell

Show & Tell offers a unique opportunity for organizations to showcase their products and services to the forward thinking community at SXSWedu (30 minutes)

Authentic Capability Transcripts

Building a Hybrid Education for a Hybrid Job Econo

Developing Rich, Interactive Course Apps

EdMarketer 2016

Explore Your World with Google Expeditions

Finding the Insights that Tell Your Brand's Story

Google Classroom: Mission Control for Your Class

Innovation Without Compromise

Introducing CuriosityStream

Minecraft—Education Edition

School Choice & Accountability: The Road to Equity

Student-Led Solutions to Funding Innovation

The Art & Science of Kahoot! with the Founders

You've Built Your Community. Now, Engage Them!

Watch, Chat and Learn the OVEE Way

What's on your K12 Blueprint? Come See Ours!

Solo Presentations

Solo Presentations allow a single speaker to dive deep into their presentation topic and share valuable insights with attendees. (60 minutes)

SXSWedu Solo Presentation Sessions

Analytic Catalytics - Powerful Analytics Innovation

Leveraging Teacher Insights in Edtech Design

Tots and TVs: Children's Learning from Screens

Wisdom of Higher Ed Pioneers in 7 Minutes or Less


Summits are an open-ended form of programming that create an intimate and collaborative environment to drive actionable outcomes. Visit the Summits page to learn more and view the listing of accepted programming. (3+ hours)


Workshops offer an in-depth, instructional program covering a particular idea or topic that supports hands-on engagement. Workshops have a longer, two-hour format to provide ample time for attendees to engage in fruitful discussions and take home valuable skills. (120 minutes)

SXSWedu Workshop Sessions

All Aboard the ELL Train: On-Track Strategies

An Entrepreneurial Mindset for Student Success

Become Future Ready: Go Open!

Brain Science and the Future of Teacher Training

Building Blocks of Change: A Design Workshop

Coding with Scratch: Connected Learning Workshops

Create to Change: Artistic Practice as Pedagogy

Create to Learn

DESIGN ACTION: Illuminating Climate Education

Designing and Sustaining Transformative PD

Education & Employment: Exploring New Solutions

Embrace Uncertainty with Scenario Planning

Empowering Girls to Design a Better Future

Engaging Tasks + Student Discussion = Math Success

Exploring Interactive Learning Systems

Facility Design Directly Impacts Academic Success

Globalizing Your School

Hack Your Notebook & "Illuminate" Your Thinking!

Improv & Zombies: Waking Up the Virtual Classroom

Improv + An Innovative Mindset

Improv(e) Your Ethics: Roleplay Decision Making

Improv(ing) Presentation Skills

Improv(ing) the Writing Process

In Defense of Smarter Screen Time

Is My Subconscious the Problem? Racial Bias in Ed

Kids Coding the Curriculum

Learn to Play! A DIY Game-Based Learning Workshop

Learning Through Virtual Reality Experiences

Mindfulness: The Power of Pausing

New Models in Instructional Content Sharing

Nutrition Education Teacher Workshop

On Your Feet: Participatory Theatre for Learning

Open Maker Portfolios: Capture, Share and Assess

Pink or Blue? Examining Gender in Games

Positive Prevention: A New Approach to Health Ed

Preparing High Schoolers for the Future Workforce

Rapid Prototyping the Classroom

Re-Mix Your Learning Experience Design Process

Rock and Roll: An American Story

Running Experiments in Outer Space

Science & Hip Hop - Creativity to Curiosity

Science Super Powers for the Diverse Learner

So Many SXSWedu Ideas: See How They Connect

Solve Design Challenges in PD and Teacher Ed

Speedometry: Teaching Physics Through Play

Taming the Maker Beast: Getting Mobile & Modular

Teachers as Designers: Design on a Global Platform

Teaching Sensitive Topics: Activities That Work

The Real Hunger Games: Reacting to the Past

This Above All: To Thine Own Lesson be True!

Transforming Learning in a Borderless World

Unconferencing SXSWedu

Unschool Your Creativity: A Maker Mentality

Photos by Shelia Moore, Danny Matson and Nicole Burton