Sessions and Workshops

Daytime sessions and workshops make up the bulk of the conference program at SXSWedu and are crowdsourced by community members via PanelPicker. This content is presented through a variety of formats explained below.

Session formats indicate the various styles of engagement at SXSWedu. Formats differ in duration and level of audience participation. Attendees are encouraged to participate in multiple formats for a dynamic experience during their time at SXSWedu.

Program Formats

Core Conversations Debates
Future15s Panel Discussions
Playground Hands On Playground Talks
Problem Solvers Show & Tell
Solo Presentations Summits

Accepted Sessions

Browse the first batch of session programming selected for SXSWedu 2016 and stay tuned as additional sessions are added leading up to March. Note that session specifics (including date, time and location) will be available when the 2016 online schedule launches in January.

Core Conversations

Core Conversations allow discussion leaders to facilitate an informal and open dialogue with attendees around a particular topic. Attend these sessions ready to share your insights. (60 minutes)

SXSWedu Sessions Core Conversations photo by Alexa Wagner

Augmented Reality: Engaging a Minecraft Generation [Instructional Strategies]
Brad Waid (DAQRI)
Drew Minock (DAQRI)

Co-Design: Campus, Interrupted [Learning Spaces]
Bree Trevena (Creative Victoria)
Alexandra Lawlor (University of Melbourne)

D to the E: A "Car-Talk" for the Education Sector [Educational Equality]
Dennis Littky (Big Picture Learning)
Elliot Washor (Big Picture Learning)

Failing Successfully in a School: True Confessions [Learning Spaces]
Kayli McAuley (Skybridge Academy)
Ariel Dochstader Miller (Skybrige Academy)

From Library to Innovation and Design Center [Learning Spaces]
Marci Milius (Douglas County School District)
Linda Conway (Douglas County School District)

Let's Talk: The Good & Bad of Digital Citizenship [Implementation]
Kat Stewart (Cable Impacts Foundation)
Belinha De Abreu (Fairfield University)

On-Tech and On-Task [Special Needs]
Allison Bruhn (University of Iowa)
Ted Hasselbring (Vanderbilt University)

Social Media: Legal Pitfalls and Best Practices [Leadership]
Lena Engel (Rogers, Morris, & Grover)
Diana Benner (Texas Computer Education Association)

Students as Global Entrepreneurs Thru 3 Big Pivots [Cognitive Process]
Yong Zhao (University of Oregon)
Homa Tavangar (Growing Up Global)

The Promise and Peril of Technology Disruption [Instructional Strategies]
James Whittaker (Microsoft)

Top-Notch Teaching for Struggling Kids [Special Needs]
Rachel Brody (Teach for America)
Mark Griffin (Understood)

Unsanctioned Professional Development [Entrepreneurialism]
Michael Kleba (North Shore High School)
Josh Timlin (North Shore High School)

What if Everyone Wanted to be a Teacher? [Leadership]
David Rosenberg (Education Resource Strategies)

What the Pell? New Data on Pell Grad Rates [Data Analytics]
Lynn Jennings (The Education Trust)
Andrew Nichols (The Education Trust)


Debates provide a platform for constructive, moderated discussion between two leaders of opposing viewpoints. (60 minutes)

Hernandez v Kim: Innovation in Charters v Districts [Implementation]
Alex Hernandez (Charter School Growth Fund)
Julia Freeland (Christensen Institute)


Future15s are short, focused presentations structured in a rapid-fire format to deliver six compelling talks within a two-hour period. (15 minutes per speaker)

10 Lessons Teachers Can Learn from Marketers [Implementation]
Stephan Bayer (

Autism: A Father’s Perspective [Special Needs]
Jack Gallagher (Couplabob Productions, Inc.)

Beyond the Achievement Gap: Why Do We Educate? [Leadership]
Kriste Dragon (Citizens of the World Charter Schools)

Closing Tech Talent Gap with Adult Growth Mindsets [Educational Equality]
Kathleen Mullaney (Udacity)

Coding the Common Core [Implementation]
David Dulberger (Washington County Public Schools)

Coffee’s for Closers: How to Succeed in Edtech [Entrepreneurialism]
Paul Mumma (Cerego LLC)

Connecting Edupreneurs to Creative Pros [Entrepreneurialism]
Alli Dunn (4.0 Schools)

Crowdsourcing a Children's Book About the Internet [Arts]
Ioana Literat (Teachers College, Columbia University)

Designing Environments to Increase Creativity [Cognitive Process]
Amy Jorgensen (Massachusetts College of Art and Design)

Education is the Next Punk Rock [Instructional Strategies]
Martin Atkins (SAE Chicago)

Evolve or Die: Why Education has to Change [Continuing Education]
Jim Deters (Galvanize)

Game Designers, Also Known as Teachers [Gaming]
Kaolin McEvoy (Lexington Public Schools)

Getting Youth Actively Involved Not Acting Out [Arts]
Gage Cass Woodle (Mythic Bridge)

Improvement: Learning Fast to Implement Well [Educational Equality]
Alicia Grunow (The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching)

Inclusion is a Growth Industry [Special Needs]
Torrie Dunlap (Kids Included Together)

No One Cares About Standards - We Want Skills [Instructional Strategies]
Harvey Chism (Expanded Success Initiative)

Sustaining Results: Moving the Profession Forward [Leadership]
Joe Ten Brook (Austin Achieve Public Schools)

Teacher Voice in the Design Process [Implementation]
Candace Flaherty (Mobility Labs)

Teaching Women Entrepreneurs: Tips from WIN Lab [Entrepreneurialism]
Susan Duffy (Babson College)

What the Public Wants from Our Schools [Data Analytics]
Joshua Starr (PDK International)

WhoClass: The MOOC That's Bigger on the Inside [Instructional Strategies]
Anthony Rotolo (Syracuse University)

Panel Discussions

Panel Discussions provide a diverse conversation around a particular topic, including audience Q&A. (60 minutes)

SXSWedu Panel Discussion

A Data-Driven Culture: Who's Behind the Wheel? [Data Analytics]
Gregory Firn (DreamBox Learning)
Patricia Greco (School District of Menomonee Falls)
Mark Schneiderman (SIIA Education Technology Industry Network)
Sharnell Jackson (Chicago Public Schools)

A New Narrative: Storytelling for Social Change [Leadership]
Jaime Aquino (New Leaders)
Nadia Lopez (Mott Hall Bridges Academy)
Debra Wexler (New Leaders)
Syreeta Gates (August Martin HS)

Activating Student Voices [Educational Equality]
Piotr Bobkowski (University of Kansas)
Nabiha Syed (Buzzfeed)
Frank LoMonte (Student Press Law Center)

Adapting "Adaptive Learning" for Real Schools [Implementation]
Lisette Alves (Miami-Dade County Public Schools)
Sandy Bartle Finocchi (Carnegie Learning)
Julia Freeland (Clayton Christensen Institute)
Steven Ritter (Carnegie Learning)

Are They Learning? Competency-Based Student Voices [Continuing Education]
Melanie Johnson (Patten University)
Chris Ruiz-Edding (College for America)
Willie Rushing (Western Governors University)
Bernard Bull (Concordia University-Wisconsin)

Arts Education: Nothing Elective About It [Arts]
Dr. Brent Hasty (MINDPOP)
Ayanna Hudson (National Endowment for the Arts)
Mario Rossero (Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts)
Jessica Handrik (Lincoln Center Education)

Begging for Disruption: EdTech Procurement [Leadership]
Hal Friedlander (New York City Department of Education)
Harold Levy (Jack Kent Cooke Foundation)
Celina Morgan-Standard (The New York Academy of Sciences)

Beyond Buzz: Credentialing & Competency Revolution [Leadership]
Scott Kinney (Capella University)
Jake Schwartz (General Assembly)
Holly Zanville (Lumina Foundation)
Goldie Blumenstyk (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

Beyond Walls: Art Museums and Online Learning [Learning Spaces]
Bruce Friend (International Association for K-12 Online Learning)
Emily Kotecki (North Carolina Museum of Art)
Claire Moore (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Anne Kraybill (Crystal Bridges Museum of Art)

Boot Camp for Building a Student Privacy Program [Leadership]
Teddy Hartman (Howard County Public School System)
Ira Gluck (PRIVO)
Paige Kowalski (Data Quality Campaign)
Kobie Pruitt (Future of Privacy Forum)

Breaking the Standardized Test Addiction [Assessment]
David Kuntz (Knewton)
Diana Shulla-Cose (Perspectives Charter Schools)
V. Elizabeth Owen (GlassLab Games)
Anya Kamenetz (NPR)

Can Public Money Help Higher Ed Innovation? [Implementation]
Martha Snyder (HCM Strategists)
Juliet García (University of Texas Americas Institute)
Teresa Lubbers (Indiana Commissioner for Higher Education)
Paul LeBlanc (Southern New Hampshire University)

Changemaker Ed: Transforming How Kids Grow Up [SEL]
Tomás Alvarez III (Beats Rhymes and Life)
Luis Perales (Changemaker High School)
Bobbi Macdonald (City Neighbors Charter School)
West Willmore (Rainbow Community School)

Collaboration Culture by Design [Learning Spaces]
Amy Edmondson (Harvard Business School)
Eric Hirst (The University of Texas at Austin)
Alex O'Briant (Ennead Architects)

Creating the World’s First Early Childhood Fab Lab [Early Learning]
Janice Morrison (Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM)
Paul Reynolds (FableVision)
Elizabeth Rood (Bay Area Discovery Museum & Center for Childhood Creativity)

Cultivating Teacher Readiness in Next Gen Learning [Continuing Education]
Liz Willen (The Hechinger Institute)
Sanjay Sarma (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Arthur Levine (Woodrow Wilson Foundation)
Jessie Woolley-Wilson (DreamBox Learning)

Deeper Game-Based Learning in and out of Class [Gaming]
Greg Toppo (USA Today)
Peggy Sheehy (Suffern Middle School)
Paul Darvasi (Royal St George's College)
Jodi asbell-clarke (EdGE at TERC)

Diplomas Optional: Jobs of the New Century [Continuing Education]
Wan-Lae Cheng (Markle Foundation)
Alison Dorsey (LinkedIn)
Maria Harper-Marinick (Maricopa County Community Colleges)
David Kirkpatrick (Techonomy)

EdTech’s Blind Spot: Closing the ELL Equity Gap [Educational Equality]
Beverly Fine (BrainPOP)
Jeff Knutson (Common Sense Education)
Patricia Velazquez (Newsela)
Katie McKay (University of Texas at Austin)

Education and Entrepreneurship: What, Why and How [Entrepreneurialism]
Vanessa Beary (Department of State)
Daniel Moska Arreola (Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (TDM))
Mark Hand (UnLtd USA)
Thom Ruhe (The Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative)

Entrepreneurship-the Empowering Nature of Failure [Entrepreneurialism]
Thomas Leonard (Eanes Independent School District)
Michael Miles (INCubatoredu)
Margarita Geleske (Barrington 220 Educational Foudnation)
Scott Arnett (Funtastech and Waco University)

Finding the Medium [Leadership]
Jose Luis Vilson (New York Public Schools)
Gabe Kleinman (Medium)
Frederick Hess (American Enterprise Institute)
Randi Weingarten (American Federation of Teachers)

Flipping the Classroom with YouTube’s Top Teachers [Instructional Strategies]
Joelle Murphy (Google)
Patrick Jones (PatrickJMT)
Tyler DeWitt (YouTube)
Paul Andersen (Bozeman Science)

From Analytics to Action [Data Analytics]
Roxanne Russell (Emory University)
Mike Sharkey (Blue Canary)
Phillip Long (University of Texas, Austin)
David Lindrum (Soomo Learning)

From Research to Recess-Early Learning in Practice [Early Learning]
Kathleen Plocinik (Head Start, St. Jerome's)
Kelly Fisher (Johns Hopkins Univeristy)
Susan Magsamen (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)
David Dockterman (Harvard School of Education)

From South LA to the Ivy League [Educational Equality]
Alvaro Quintero (Harvard University)
Jose Rodriguez (Yale University)
Leticia Reyes (Animo Pat Brown Charter High School)
Joel Snyder (Green Dot Public Schools)

Fuel4Steam: Brain Benefits and Tools for Music Ed [Arts]
Gabriella Musacchia (University of the Pacific, Stanford University)
Trell Thomas (VH1 Save The Music)
Alex Khalil (University of California, San Diego)
Alesha Bishop (AB Consulting)

Graduating to Digital-First Branding in Higher Ed [Continuing Education]
Catherine Canney (MIT Sloan)
Carol Keese (University of Virginia)
Alexandra Day (The Juilliard School)
Gene Lewis (Digital Pulp)

Hacking Education Through Libraries [Learning Spaces]
Miguel Figueroa (Center for the Future of Libraries, ALA)
Joyce Valenza (Rutgers University)
Bud Hunt (Clearview Library District)
Carolyn Foote (Eanes ISD)

How Can Media Teach Character & Life Skills? [SEL]
Yalda Uhls (Common Sense Media)
Darla Anderson (Pixar)
Richard Weissbourd (Harvard University)

How Teacherpreneurs are Shaking Up Classrooms [Entrepreneurialism]
Jen Medbury (Kickboard)
Dan Carroll (Clever)
John Ruff (ScribeSense)
Michael Cardona (Houston ISD)

How to Make a Play in Competency-Based Education [Implementation]
Valerie Truesdale (Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools)
Morgan Hall (District of Columbia Public Schools)
Pat Deklotz (Kettle Moraine School District)

Improving Programming Instruction in Public School [Educational Equality]
Michael Preston (CSNYC)
Diane Levitt (Cornell Tech)
Reshma Saujani (Girls Who Code)
Gordon Smith (Codesters)

InnovationU: Unlocking the University-as-Incubator [Entrepreneurialism]
Mitzi Montoya (Arizona State University)
Perry Samson (University of Michigan)
Robert Pianta (University of Virginia)
Dror Ben-Naim (Smart Sparrow)

Inspiring Little Learners to Become Big Thinkers [Early Learning]
Craig Bach (Goddard Systems, Inc.)
Jean McKenzie (Fisher-Price)
Helen Hadani (Center for Childhood Creativity)
Jennifer Jipson (Cal Poly- San Luis Obispo)

Invisible Assessment: What K-12 Can Learn from ECE [Early Learning]
Kai-leé Berke (Teaching Strategies)
Vincent Constanza (New Jersey Department of Education)
Lillian Mongeau (The Hechinger Report)
Bev Perdue (DigiLearn)

It's More Than Just Fun: The Power of Play [Cognitive Process]
Gwen Gordon (Gwen Gordon Play)
Sally McConnell (KaBOOM!)
Sunita Mohanty (Lumos Labs)
Björn Jeffery (Toca Boca)

Lights, Camera, Lecture: Producing a Better MOOC [Instructional Strategies]
Jodi Beggs (Northeastern University)
Chris Metzler (Tilapia Film)
Roman Hardgrave (Marginal Revolution University)
Jeffrey Young (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

LX Design: Because Learning Design Requires UX [Instructional Strategies]
Jessica Knott (Michigan State University)
Joyce Seitzinger (Academic Tribe)
Phil Denman (San Diego State University)
Myra Travin (UNIVentures)

Making Higher Ed Work for K-12 [Leadership]
Morgan Smith (The Texas Tribune)
Wesley Brown (Marlin Elementary School)
Anna Fox (Tarleton State University)
Mary Gonzalez (Texas A&M University-Kingsville)

Making OER Work: Peer Learning in Public Libraries [Educational Equality]
Andrea Saenz (Chicago Public Library)
Mark Andersen (Chicago Public Library)
Phillip Schmidt (MIT Media Lab)

Massive Online Learning Challenges [Gaming]
Pamela Fox (Khan Academy)
Alice Steinglass (
James Tynan (Khan Academy)

Moving the Needle: Innovation and Change in EdTech [Leadership]
Kecia Ray (Center for Digital Education)
Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach (Powerful Learning Practice, LLC)
Kari Stubbs PhD (BrainPOP)
S. Dallas Dance, PhD (Baltimore County Public Schools)

Museums Give Teachers Control to Create [Instructional Strategies]
Melissa Wadman (Smithsonian Institution)
Brian Ausland (Navigation North Learning Solutions)
Ashley Naranjo (Smithsonian Institution)

No Barriers: Models for Making in Your Community [Learning Spaces]
Trevor Taylor (The University of the Arts)
Robin Gose (Thinkery)
Sam Dean (Amazeum)
Sarah Koik (Haas Center for Public Service, Stanford University)

Opportunity Divide: Math as a Social Justice Lever [Educational Equality]
Rohit Agarwal (Amazon Education)
Dr. Nicol Howard (Chapman University)
Stephanie Cerda (St. Gabriel’s Catholic School)
Rafranz Davis (Lufkin ISD)

Optimizing Ed: UDL, Tech & Personalized Learning [Special Needs]
Alexander (Sasha) Evans (University of Vermont)
Wayne Grant (Intel Corp.)
Gabrielle Rappolt-Schlichtmann (CAST)
David Dockterman (Harvard Graduate School of Education)

Passion and Purpose: Social Justice for Change [Instructional Strategies]
Kristin Ziemke (Big Shoulders Fund)
Denise Hutchison (Kaleidoscope Youth Center)
Katharine Hale (Arlington Public Schools)
Michael Hernandez (Mira Costa High School)

Preparing Future Innovators for the IoT Era [Instructional Strategies]
Kipp Bradford (The Kippworks)
Tim Bajarin (Creative Strategies)
Kimberly Hughes (UTeach Institute)
Ray Hsu (National Instruments)

Protecting Student Privacy in the Digital World [Implementation]
Thelma Almuena (Columbia Elementary)
George Phillip (Stanley Clark School)
Jennifer Carey (Ransom Everglades School)
Ana Albir (Drawp Entertainment)

Real Examples: Teacher-Entrepreneur Collaboration [Leadership]
Steve Isaacs (William Annin Middle School)
Talia Arbit (Edcite)
Michelle Grezner (Ocean Avenue Elementary School)
Emily Gover (Imagine Easy Solutions)

Redefining Pathways to Success: Lessons from SE67 [Educational Equality]
Steve Bumbaugh (The CityBridge Foundation)
Martece Yates (I Have a Dream Program)
Daniel Porterfield, PhD (Franklin and Marshall College)
Diana Kapp (San Francisco's Writer's Grotto)

Reimagine Education: Abandoning Age-Based Learning [Instructional Strategies]
Roger Cook (Taylor County Schools)
Dr. Marina Walne (EduStart LLC)
Stephan Turnipseed (LEGO Education)

Robotics: The New Lettered Sport [Implementation]
Morgan Smith (Texas Tribune)
John Sperry (Anderson High School, AISD)
John Graff (National Instruments)
Ray Almgren (FIRST in Texas)

Scaling in Education: Lessons from Tyton Growth50 [Entrepreneurialism]
Gates Bryant (Tyton Partners)
Andrew Grauer (Course Hero)
Lane Rankin (Illuminate Education)
Jessie Woolley-Wilson (DreamBox Learning)

Sharing Educational Solutions Across Borders [Educational Equality]
Katherine Onorato (Teach For All)
Robie Dean (Georgetown University)
Luis Miguel Reyes Loyola (Ensena Por Mexico)
Eva Grajeda (Ensena Por Mexico)

Students on Diversity and Inclusivity in Schools [Educational Equality]
Dawnya Johnson (Baltimore Intersection)
Tara Subramaniam (Student Voice)
Cristal Cruz (Good Shepherd Services with East Fordham Academy)
Emet Tauber (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network)

Students Unfiltered: Digital in the Classroom [Continuing Education]
Elana Golub (Northwestern University)
Zak Malamed (Student Voice)
JoAnna Zalkovsky (Navarro College)
Matt Bilotti (Northeastern University)

Sustainable Educational Development Initiative In [Educational Equality]
Adekunbi Adeoye (SESEWA Support Services)
Niran Adetoro (Tai Solarin University of Education)
Paul Crockett (Authess)
Bridget Teboh (University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth)

Teaching Code is Not About Creating Programmers [Cognitive Process]
Jonathan Schor (codemonkey)
Dan Leyzberg (Princeton University)
Colleen Lewis (Harvey Mudd College)
Grant Hosford (codeSpark)

The Accidental Consequences of Data Privacy Laws [Data Analytics]
Donna Johnson (Delaware Department of Education)
Dean Folkers (Nebraska Department of Education)
Elana Zeide (New York University's Information Law Institute)
Amelia Vance (National Association of State Boards of Education)

The Achievement Gap for Struggling Learners [Special Needs]
Jim Wendorf (National Center for Learning Disabilities)
Markay Winston (Chicago Public Schools)
Margaret McLeod (National Council of La Raza)

The Demise of the Local Public School [Implementation]
Howard Fuller (Institute for the Transformation of Learning)
Alvin Roth (Stanford University)
Thomas Toch (Georgetown University)
Susan Patrick (International Association for K12 Online Learning)

The Future of Educational Assessment [Assessment]
Jim Pellegrino (Learning Sciences Research Institute)
Eva Baker (University of California, Los Angeles)
Robert Moses (The Algebra Project, Inc.)
Randy Bennett (ETS)

The Myth of Magical Devices [Instructional Strategies]
Sabba Quidwai (Keck School of Medicine of USC)
Michael Cohen (Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy)
Carl Hooker (Eanes Independent School District)

The Myth of the Learning Style Holds Students Back [Cognitive Process]
James Stigler (UCLA)
Ulrik Christensen (McGraw Hill Education)

The Power of Student Voice in Today’s Classroom [Instructional Strategies]
Shanna Peeples (CCSSO)

The Rather Prize: The Best Idea to Improve TX Edu [Instructional Strategies]
Martin Rather (The Rather Prize)
Dan Rather (News and Guts)
TBD TBD (The Rather Prize)

The Science of Learning II [Cognitive Process]
Susan Winslow (Macmillan Higher Education)
Mariette DiChristina (Scientific American)
Tyler Cowen (George Mason University)
Rob Lue (Harvard University)

The Science of Teacher Hiring [Leadership]
Shelley Redinger (Spokane Public Schools)
Tennille Jeffries-Simmons (Spokane Public Schools)
Dan Goldhaber (The Center for Education Data and Research)
Wayne D'Orio (Scholastic)

The Subtle Psychology of Motivation and Learning [Instructional Strategies]
David Yeager (The University of Texas at Austin)
Andrew Butler (The University of Texas at Austin)
Rachel Beattie (The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching)
Andrew Krumm (SRI International)

The Tide is Turning for Music Education [Arts]
Barbara Murray (New York City Department of Education)
Bob Morrison (Quadrant Arts Education Research)
David Wish (Little Kids Rock)

Throwing Out Grades for Better Student Learning [Assessment]
Peter Bencivenga (Datacation)
Michael Hernandez (Mira Costa High School)
Starr Sackstein (NYC DOE - WJPS)
Mark Barnes (Hack Learning)

Tiny Schools: Learning How to Prototype Innovative [Entrepreneurialism]
Vera Triplett (The Noble Minds institute for Whole Child Learning)
Jonathan Johnson (Rooted School)
Kim Gibson (NOLA Micro Schools)
Matt Candler (4.0 Schools)

Underprepared Students on the Pathway to Success [Assessment]
Paul Fain (Inside Higher Ed)
Charles Cook (Austin Community College)
Jenna Cullinane (Charles A. Dana Center, The University of Texas at Austin)
Evelyn Waiwaiole (Center for Community College Student Engagement, The University of Texas at Austin)

We Need to Talk: Building Inclusive Communities [Educational Equality]
Sara Stone (Community Roots Charter School Community Roots)
Cristen Carson Reat (Easter Seals Greater Houston/BridgingApps)
Lyn Pollard (Understood)
Mark Barlet (AbleGamers)

What Do We Mean When We Ask if EdTech "Works”? [Data Analytics]
Steven Hodas (Digital Promise)
Betsy Corcoran (EdSurge)
Chris Liang-Vergara (LEAP Innovations)
Kristen Swanson (BrightBytes)

What Higher Ed’s Top 10 IT Issues Mean for You [Leadership]
Susan Grajek (EDUCAUSE)
Brad Wheeler (Indiana University)
Keith McIntosh (Ithaca College)
Stephen diFilipo (Milwaukee School of Engineering)

Why Startups Should Hire My High School Students [Instructional Strategies]
Dave Ferrero (Vulcan, Inc.)
Scott Swaaley (High Tech High)
Michael Wierusz (Northshore School District)
Regan Drew (Riverpoint Academy)

Why YOU Should Care About Special Education [Special Needs]
Sarah Schlessinger (Teachers College Inclusive Classrooms Project)
Melissa Corto (Education Modified)
Kevin Custer (Arc Capital)

Playground Hands On

Playground Hands On presentations are short instructional experiences encouraging attendee participation and exploration in the SXSWedu Playground. Visit the Playground page to learn more and to view the listing of accepted Hands On sessions. (30 minutes)

Playground Talks

Playground Talks are casual stage presentations highlighting discovery-based learning activities in the SXSWedu Playground, including an audience Q&A. Visit the Playground page to learn more and to view the listing of accepted Talk sessions. (30 minutes)

Problem Solvers

Problem Solvers offer an interactive exercise designed to address a prevalent challenge that is briefly summarized at the beginning of the session. Leaders will facilitate a two-hour attendee engagement for a number of small groups to work on possible solutions and present their findings. (120 minutes)

SXSWedu Sessions Problem Solver photo by Danny Matson

Are Your Students Ready for the Creative Economy? [Instructional Strategies]
Erica Muhl (USC)
Villy Wang (BAYCAT)
Mark Martin (St Marks Church of England Academy)

Creativity and the Arts as a Catalyst for Change [Arts]
Sherri Kushner (Chute Middle School)
Malissa Shriver (Turnaround Arts: California)
Robert Hoang (Hayward Unified School District)

Design 1 Space - 60 Students, 3 Teachers, 3 Modes [Learning Spaces]
Michael Horn (Clayton Christensen Institute)
Lawrence Kearns (Wheeler Kearns Architects)

Design Thinking the Whole School [Learning Spaces]
Alex Owens (Bricolage Academy)
Jasmine Araujo (Bricolage Academy)
Rich Crandall (Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford)

Developing Education Equality - Can PD Do It? [Educational Equality]
Alvin Crawford (Knowledge Delivery Systems)
Karen Symms Gallagher (USC)
Linda Darling-Hammond (Stanford)

How Do We Give Teachers More Time? [Implementation]
Michelle Blanchet (The Educators' Lab)

Making Better Teacher Data Dashboards [Data Analytics]
Kevin Miklasz (BrainPOP)
Anne Richards (Classroom Inc.)
Charlotte Duncan (Learning Games Network)

Privacy Flash Forward: Today’s Students Tomorrow [Data Analytics]
Dalia Topelson Ritvo (Berkman Center for Internet & Society)
Paulina Haduong (Berkman Center for Internet & Society)
Leah Plunkett (UNH School of Law)

Putting People of Color at the Center of Design [Leadership]
Brandon Corley (EPIC South High School)
John Clemente (Department of Education, Expanded Success Initiative)
Prejhane Williams (Urban School for Design and Construction)

Show & Tell

Show & Tell offers a unique opportunity for organizations to showcase their products and services to the forward thinking community at SXSWedu (30 minutes)

Introducing CuriosityStream [Arts]
Rob Burk (CuriosityStream)

Solo Presentations

Solo Presentations allow a single speaker to dive deep into their presentation topic and share valuable insights with attendees. (60 minutes)

SXSWedu Sessions Problem Solver photo by Danny Matson

10 & Change: Urban Prep's Founding and Impact [Leadership]
Tim King (Urban Prep Academies)

Solving for Why: The Future of EdTech [Entrepreneurialism]
Andrew Smith Lewis (Cerego)

Tots and TVs: Children's Learning from Screens [Early Learning]
Sarah Lytle (Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences)


Summits are an open-ended form of programming that create an intimate and collaborative environment to drive actionable outcomes. Visit the Summits page to learn more and view the listing of accepted programming. (3+ hours)


Workshops offer an in-depth, instructional program covering a particular idea or topic that supports hands-on engagement. Workshops have a longer, two-hour format to provide ample time for attendees to engage in fruitful discussions and take home valuable skills. (120 minutes)

SXSWedu Sessions Workshops

Building Blocks of Change: A Design Workshop [Learning Spaces]
Patricia Nobre (Gensler)
David Stephen (New Vista)
David Schonthal (Northwestern University)

Coding with Scratch: Connected Learning Workshops [Implementation]
Paulina Haduong (Berkman Center for Internet & Society)
Sarah Otts (Lifelong Kindergarten Group, MIT Media Lab)

Create to Change: Artistic Practice as Pedagogy [Arts]
Bobby Biedrzycki (Goodman Theatre)
Willa Taylor (Goodman Theatre)

Create to Learn [Instructional Strategies]
David Ross (Lurner Group)

Designing and Sustaining Transformative PD [Instructional Strategies]
Mia Morrison (Foxcroft Academy)
Michael Mills (University of Central Arkansas)

Embrace Uncertainty with Scenario Planning [Leadership]
Jacquie Furtado (Ashford University)
Heather Albin (Ashford University)

Empowering Girls to Design a Better Future [Leadership]
Natalya Thakur (Girls Driving for a Difference)
Rachel Chung (Girls Driving for a Difference)
Katie Kirsch (Girls Driving for a Difference)

Engaging Tasks + Student Discussion = Math Success [Instructional Strategies]
Diane Briars (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics)

Facility Design Directly Impacts Academic Success [Learning Spaces]
Aaron Jobson (Quattrocchi Kwok Architects; Collaborative for High Performance Schools)
Peter Barrett (University of Salford)
Gina Silveira (Schaefer Charter School)

Hack Your Notebook & "Illuminate" Your Thinking! [Instructional Strategies]
David Cole (CV2)
Molly Adams (Waxahachie ISD)

Improv & Zombies: Waking Up the Virtual Classroom [Instructional Strategies]
Kim McGaw (Rice University)

Improv + An Innovative Mindset [Instructional Strategies]
Ellen Deutscher
Dan Ryder (Mt.Blue Campus)

Improv(ing) the Writing Process [Arts]
Carrington Alvarez
Jennifer Oleniczak (The Engaging Educator)

In Defense of Smarter Screen Time [Instructional Strategies]
Sarah Morris (Nucleus Learning Network)
Emily Weerts (Nucleus Learning Network)

Is My Subconscious the Problem? Racial Bias in Ed [Educational Equality]
Morgan Craven (Texas Appleseed)
Yamanda Wright (Texas Appleseed)
Madison Sloan (Texas Appleseed)

Kids Coding the Curriculum [Instructional Strategies]
Liz Castillo (Punahou School)
Jake Lee (Punahou School)
Kris Schwengel (Punahou School)

Learning Through Virtual Reality Experiences [Instructional Strategies]
Maya Georgieva (New York University)
Emory Craig (The College of New Rochelle)

Literary Riot: Poetry with Get Lit - Words Ignite [Arts]
Marquesha Babers (Get Lit - Words Ignite)
Diane Luby Lane (Get Lit - Words Ignite)

Mindfulness: The Power of Pausing [SEL]
Erin Sharaf (Mindfulness + Magic)

Nutrition Education Teacher Workshop [Continuing Education]
Dan Marek (Whole Kids Foundation)
Stephanie Folkens (Common Threads)

Open Maker Portfolios: Capture, Share and Assess [Assessment]
Kylie Peppler (Indiana University Bloomington)
Stephanie Chang (Maker Ed)

Pink or Blue? Examining Gender in Games [Gaming]
Julie Evans (Project Tomorrow)

Preparing High Schoolers for the Future Workforce [Instructional Strategies]
Oen Michael Hammonds (IBM Design)
Erin Hauber (IBM Design)

Rapid Prototyping the Classroom [Instructional Strategies]
Patrick Pennefather (Simon Fraser University)

So Many SXSWedu Ideas: See How They Connect [Cognitive Process]
Michael Ellsworth (Civilization)
Amy Shaffer (The Wonderment)

Solve Design Challenges in PD and Teacher Ed [Implementation]
Ivan Cestero (Breaker)
Eliza Spang (Woodrow Wilson Academy of Teaching and Learning)
Shula Ehrlich (Institute of Play)

Swords+Plato= Learning: Role Playing in College [Instructional Strategies]
Mark Carnes (Barnard College)
Julie Casey (University of Texas at Austin)
Charlie McCormick (Schreiner University)

Taming the Maker Beast: Getting Mobile & Modular [Instructional Strategies]
Ana Josephson (The Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders)
Kat Sauter (Resources for Learning)

Teachers as Designers: Design on a Global Platform [Entrepreneurialism]
Molly McMahon (IDEO)
Emma Scripps (IDEO)

This Above All: To Thine Own Lesson be True! [Instructional Strategies]
Lord Jim Knight (TES Global)

Transforming Learning in a Borderless World [Instructional Strategies]
Madiha Murshed (Scholastica)
Dana Mortenson (World Savvy)

Unconferencing SXSWedu! [Continuing Education]
Stephanie Cerda (St. Gabriel's Catholic School)
Adam Holman (Austin ISD)

Unschool Your Creativity: A Maker Mentality [Instructional Strategies]
Jacy Edelman (Lesley University)
Sue Cusack (Lesley University)
Kreg Hanning (Lesley University)

Photos by Alexa Wagner, Ziv Kruger, Sheila Moore, Danny Matson and Owen Rogers.