SXSWedu 2016 summit photo by Jack Reed

Summits are a facet of programming that can range in length from three hours to multi-day engagements. With a variety of voices, goals and formats, no two summit programs are alike. Attendees can expect summits to provide a more intimate and collaborative environment.

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A Pedagogy for Personalization

Project-based learning offers an ideal platform for shifting dynamics and creating powerful contexts for personalization tools and practices. Learn how these two approaches empower student learning.

An Entrepreneurial Mindset Across Campus

Participants examine attitudes, behavior, and skills possessed by successful entrepreneurs and employ those characteristics to identify and solve problems found at community colleges.

Blended: Practices & Conditions to Get It Right

Blended learning can enable personalized, mastery-based, and data rich learning experiences. Join TLA to learn from real-world examples and get tools to achieve your vision.

Challenges and Solutions for Refugee Students

Each year, thousands of refugee youth are resettled in the U.S. We will take a closer look at how schools with limited resources can meet the needs of this growing population.

Community Voices: An Immersive Project Based Learning Experience

Participants will experience an immersive Project Based Learning unit to understand the transformative nature of learning by doing, and reflect on the implications of teaching when using PBL.

Design Thinking as Liberatory Design

Design thinking as an equity imperative can liberate us from the legacy of pedagogy practices we’ve inherited in school. Join the National Equity Project + the K12Lab@Stanford to learn how.

Education by Design

The current structure of school is almost universally recognized, but is it the best environment for learning? With the help of background knowledge, studies, and collected student feedback, this hands-on workshop will challenge you to discover easy-to-implement changes within the school that can radically improve the dynamics of learning.

Equity in Design, EdTech and Curriculum

This session will develop concepts for pilot programs that can be immediately tested with receptive districts/schools across the U.S to alleviate equity issues in school design, edtech and curriculum.

Escaping Boring Learning (Literally!)

Participants will take a trip to a "puzzle room," where we will collaboratively solve a series of puzzles in order to escape! Once back, we will unpack and hack the experience to co-design our own.

Excellence, Entrepreneurship, and Advocacy in Higher Ed

Higher education is a place where students of all backgrounds should be able to explore, discover, and become the best of who they are. This summit will address how diverse institutions of higher education can maximize the potential of diverse students for entrepreneurship, advocacy, and academic achievement. Featured panels will include scholars, entrepreneurs, historians, and other higher education professionals.

Four Ways of Making Maker Ed in Schools

Join maker educators to tinker with inquiry-based activities that address learning across the curriculum. Explore hands-on, minds-on activities for understanding and assessing student learning.

From Compliance to Engagement

Learn how to shift your classroom or workplace - as an educator, employer, leader - to emphasize engagement over compliance. Come ready to be 100% engaged: intellectually, emotionally, and physically!

From Information to Experience: Education & A/M/VR

An interactive presentation of AR/MR/VR technologies and learning projects; an entrepreneurial workshop where the audience will collaboratively ideate an education solution; and a panel EdTech experts.

It’s a Paradigm Shift. So What?

“Learner-Centered” isn’t just a word. It’s new way of thinking, acting, and being. It shifts the questions you ask and the answers you seek. Want to explore more? Join us and dive into a new paradigm.

Learning the Undeniable Truth About Inclusion

Every day, thousands of students with special needs across America are taught in segregated classrooms. However, there is undeniable truth about inclusive education that schools continue to ignore.

Unconferencing SXSWedu

The sessions of EdcampATX at SXSWedu will be created based on the interests and needs of the participants. No predetermined topics and no keynotes. Organic learning at its best!

Using Distributive Leadership to Transform Schools

Engage with district and school leaders as you investigate how distributive leadership can transform your school. Explore models, mini-case studies, and design thinking activities to draft next steps.

SXSWedu 2016 summit photo by Jack Reed.