Dale Dougherty by Rod Machen
Written by Jessica MacCall | September 23, 2013

The Magic of Making: Engaging Students as Makers

Founding Editor of Maker Media, Dale Dougherty, delivered a compelling presentation that explored the creative Maker movement transforming "traditional academics into active, engaged learners," at the 2013 SXSWedu Conference & Festival. Dougherty's presentation highlights the value of informal education and the potential impact on tomorrow's students.

SXSWedu Makerspace
Written by Nicole | August 29, 2013

Showcase Your Hands-On Approach to Learning at SXSWedu 2014

The SXSWedu Conference & Festival is thrilled to expand on last year's compelling Makerspace to include Maker, STEM Education, Gaming, Arts and more in this year's interactive playground. The new interactive space will allow attendees to indulge their creative nature and engage with hands-on learning exhibits, as well as listen to stimulating DIY, Maker & Hacker sessions on stage within the playground.

SXSWedu Makerspace by Debbie Finley
Written by Jessica MacCall | August 8, 2013

The SXSWedu Hunt for Makers, Hackers, DIYers, Gamers and More, is Underway!

The 2014 SXSWedu Conference & Festival will highlight maker, STEM, gaming and more, in a hands-on space for attendees to explore student centered learning practices. This interactive pavilion is an expansion of last year’s successful Makerspace debut and will similarly host DIY, Maker & Hacker sessions.

Written by Jessica MacCall | February 20, 2013

Exciting News for the SXSWedu Makerspace

Photo by Dan Slutsky The 2013 Conference & Festival will feature a Makerspace dedicated to highlighting the engaging and practical hands-on approach to learning that is gaining educator's attention. In addition to the DIY and Maker sessions that will take place there will be a number of exciting maker displays to inform SXSWedu attendees of the potential of making/hands-on learning in the classroom.

From quirky little robots and 3D Printing to prototyping, the Makerspace will showcase the role that making things can play in learning environments. Check out the full list of makers and DIYers now.