Policy Forum

SXSWedu Policy Forum photo by Rob Santos
Written by Jessi | November 10, 2015

SXSWedu Programming Highlights: Education Policy Content

Policy has a tremendous impact on the future of learning. SXSWedu sees a great deal of attendees from the education policy community and those interested in policy conversations. This community represents a wide range of stakeholders passionate about education including national and state policy influencers, students, educators and more!

Photo by Owen Rogers
Written by Jessi | November 3, 2015

A Thematic Look at SXSWedu: Tracks for 2016

SXSWedu just released the first programming announcement for the 2016 Conference & Festival. This announcement included more than 190+ sessions that were proposed by the community and selected through PanelPicker in addition to the opening keynote, several featured sessions and films. Although all of this programming differs in format, the 2016 thematic tracks are constant throughout.

Photos by Alexa Wagner.
Written by Emily Graf | October 29, 2015

What Does SXSWedu Look Like? A Room Set Breakdown

As attendees and speakers plan their trips to Austin for SXSWedu 2016, a range of questions regarding the physical spaces of the event have been generated. What does an educational event of this scale look like? A great way to navigate SXSWedu, and build your personalized experience, is to appeal to your inner visual learner and approach the program through the specific room sets of SXSWedu session formats.

SXSWedu Opening Keynote + Featured Sessions
Written by Jessi | October 21, 2015

First Programming Announcement: Opening Keynote, PanelPicker Sessions & More!

SXSWedu is thrilled to reveal the first big programming announcement for the 2016 Conference & Festival, March 7-10 in Austin, Texas. The announcement includes the opening keynote, several featured sessions, film screenings, and more than 190 sessions selected from PanelPicker including the Policy Forum, Playground Talks and Hands On presentations. Check out all of the news and learn more about the programming for SXSWedu 2016 now.