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Written by Sophie | March 6, 2015
Tags: Mentors

Check Out The New Mentor Program at SXSWedu

For the first year ever, SXSWedu is facilitating one-on-one mentor sessions between experienced professionals and attendees who are interested in learning more about a particular industry or area of expertise.

Among the mentors there is a wide range of background and experiences represented. From classroom teachers and professors to industry insiders and CEOS, the 2015 Mentors are well-rounded professionals with deep knowledge, ready to share with the SXSWedu community.

Written by Nicole | March 6, 2015

The Art of Education

Where do you stand on the “STEAM vs STEM” debate? If you are a fan of putting the “A” in STEM, we think you’ll really like this. There are many presenters that share your interest in the arts at SXSWedu 2015 and here are a few highlights from this year’s program that capture importance of Art Education.