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Mark Your Calendar: Important Dates for SXSWedu 2015

Photo by Jason Bollenbacher
By Jessi | April 15, 2014

A lot of folks have started to reach out with questions about SXSWedu 2015. While it seems like a long time away, we realize how important looking ahead is for the education community when it comes to planning for conference and professional development events. For those of you hoping to attend or looking to get involved in next year's event, here is some helpful information and a few important dates to mark on your calendar.

Advisory Board Reflections: KQED’s Innovation in Practice

Adam Gismondi, SXSWedu 2014 Advisory Board
By Guest | April 10, 2014

SXSWedu 2014 Advisory Board Reflections: Guest Blog Post by Adam Gismondi

Most of the conference presentations I’ve seen over the years end with a brief answer to the question, “so what?” Perhaps the element I love most about my two years at SXSWedu is that its sessions often make the “so what” the focus of the dialogue. One of my favorite 2014 sessions that stood out in this way came to us from KQED, a project for multidimensional learning.