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SXSWedu attendee photo by Debbie Finley
Written by Kathleen | September 29, 2014

Big Thanks to the SXSWedu 2015 Advisory Board!

SXSWedu had a record number of proposals submitted to PanelPicker this year. More than 1,000 proposals were submitted and SXSWedu would like to thank the 2015 Advisory Board for taking the time to provide their insight and expertise in the selection process. The Advisory Board’s input accounts for 40% of the selection formula, along with the SXSWedu staff (30%) and community voting (30%).

SXSWedu 2014 LAUNCHedu Winner by Randy & Jackie Smith
Written by Patrick | September 24, 2014

Innovative Educational Startup? Apply for LAUNCHedu Today

LAUNCHedu, a competition for startups who have an inventive idea or product related to education that provides a unique platform to present and discuss innovation in education. Companies with a new or developing startup are invited to apply for a chance to participate in the competition. The most promising startups will be selected as finalists and will present to a diverse panel of industry experts, early adopters, educators and members of the SXSWedu audience.