Barbara Jenkins, Damon A Williams, David Coleman, Sal Khan photo by Steve Rogers

SXSWedu showcases four days of compelling sessions, in-depth workshops, engaging learning experiences, mentorship, film screenings, startup events, policy-centered discussions, business opportunities, networking and so much more!

The program is a combination of various elements, each designed to create a powerful and unique experience for your time at the event. Whether you are seeking skill development, a new perspective or opportunities to expand your professional network, there’s sure to be something at SXSWedu to support your goals.

Program Tracks

The SXSWedu Conference & Festival explores a wide range of topics and ideas. To help illuminate focus areas content at the event is organized by programming tracks.

Arts Early Learning ESL/ELL Learning Spaces
Business Employability Implementation SEL
Cognition Entrepreneurialism Instruction Special Needs
Data Equity Leadership VR/AR

Program Overview

Keynotes & Featured
Noteworthy presentations from education thought-leaders, selected to inspire, enlighten and inform. Each featured voice is broadly aligned to impactful topics and tracks at the event.

Sessions & Workshops
Daytime sessions and workshops make up the bulk of the conference program at SXSWedu and are largely contributed by the community via PanelPicker. Session content is presented through a variety of topical tracks, formats, styles and durations.

Summits are a unique facet of programming that can range in duration from three hours to multi-day engagements, with a focus on deeper learning and actionable outcomes. With a variety of voices, goals and formats, no two summit programs are alike.

Policy Forum
The SXSWedu Policy Forum elevates and highlights policy-focused discussions that impact public and higher education. These sessions feature a diverse range of legislative voices, community leaders and advocates, addressing critical issues impacting education.

The mentor program at SXSWedu facilitates one-on-one meetings between experienced professionals and curious attendees. From classroom teachers and professors to industry insiders and CEOs, the mentors at SXSWedu are ready to share their insights with the community.

Meet Ups
Topic-focused meet ups are designed to help you connect with others at SXSWedu who share your interests or passions.

The Playground is an energetic learning space designed to help participants discover new strategies and innovation in maker, STEM, arts, virtual learning, accessibility and more. Numerous formats are featured in this space to fuel learning including displays, talks and hands-on sessions.

Learn by Design
Learn by Design is a new program focused on the design of physical learning spaces and how they have the potential to impact learning outcomes.

The Film program highlights poignant narratives and documentaries focusing on all aspects of education. With films examining social impact on domestic and international learning, peering into classrooms, and exploring the journey of becoming an educator, the Film program is a compelling addition to SXSWedu.

Launch Competition
SXSWedu celebrates the energy at the intersection of education and entrepreneurialism. The Launch startup competition showcases what’s next and new in education. The program is centered around a design competition showcasing projects in three distinct categories that all address the creation and implementation of physical learning spaces.

Industry Hub
A dynamic space featuring stage talks, booths and meeting space, the Industry Hub is a destination for conversations related to education business. Stakeholders will gain insights, understand market trends and experience networking opportunities in this space.

Higher Ed Hub
The Higher Ed Hub is an extension of the Industry Hub that showcases innovative solutions, initiatives and partnerships in post-secondary education. Occurring on Wednesday, March 8, the space is designed for administrators, professors and business leaders to learn and connect with their peers through sessions, booths and networking events.

Lounges & Networking Events
Much of the progress that stems from convenings like SXSWedu happen when post-session inspiration collides with new connections in the community. To foster these conversations, a variety of social events and lounges are offered to registrants.

SXSWedu 2016 featured session with Barbara Jenkins, Damon A Williams, David Coleman, Sal Khan photo by Steve Rogers.