PanelPicker 2017

Photo by Miguel Gonzales Photo by Jack Reed Photo by Jessy Ann Huff

PanelPicker® is a two-step, crowd-sourced platform that enables the community to have a voice in the programming selected for SXSWedu 2017. SXSWedu empowers the community to use this platform to submit innovative session ideas by filling out a digital proposal. The public is given the opportunity to provide feedback and vote on the collected submissions.

PanelPicker 2017 Timeline

Tuesday, June 28, 2016 Entry Process Opens
Friday, July 22, 2016 Entry Process Closes
TBA Community Voting Opens
TBA Community Voting Closes

How PanelPicker Works

The PanelPicker entry process will kick off on June 28 and remains open through July 22. During this month-long submission window, you are invited to propose your innovative session ideas to be considered for SXSWedu 2017.

PanelPicker will then reopen for public voting, allowing the community to review and vote on the proposals submitted until the process closes. The final decision is derived from Advisory Board evaluation (40%), public voting (30%) and staff analysis (30%).

The Entry Process

Submitting a PanelPicker proposal is simple. Begin by logging into your SXSW account or by creating a new account if you are a first-time user of SXSW tools. Once logged in, you can fill out the digital proposal form and submit your idea online. The PanelPicker interface allows you to save and continue at any point during the submission window so that you can thoughtfully work though each step, perfecting your proposal before sending it in.PanelPicker Vote

Public Voting Phase

The PanelPicker voting phase is a key aspect of the selection process due to the volume of high-quality entries that are received each year. By providing feedback and voting, the community helps illuminate the best sessions and most compelling topics for the event. Fully-proofed, deeply-focused ideas that emphasize creativity and innovation will have the best chance of successfully elevating in community voting, advisory board input and staff analysis.

Session Starter Kit

The Session Starter Kit is a helpful resource in submitting your ideas for SXSWedu 2017 via PanelPicker. Stay tuned for the release of the 2017 Session Starter Kit so you can flip your way through learning more about your audience, steps in PanelPicker and more ways to participate at the event.

SXSWedu 2016 session photos by Miguel Gonzales, Jessy Ann Huff and Jack Reed.