SXSWedu Playground photo by Mengwen Cao

LegoFueled by innovation through discovery, the Playground hosts a number of educational pursuits highlighting maker, STEM, gaming, virtual learning, accessibility, arts integration and more. The Playground provides a destination for attendees to explore, discover, participate and learn with like-minded individuals.

The wall-to-wall creative energy within the SXSWedu Playground, hosted by LEGO Education, comes from the various elements that take place in the space including displays, talks and hands-on presentations.

Playground Hours

Monday, March 7 12:00pm - 5:00pm
Tuesday, March 8 10:00am - 5:00pm
Wednesday, March 9 10:00am - 5:00pm
Thursday, March 10 9:00am - 12:00pm


Catch a Playground Talk to hear industry leaders deliver a short stage presentation highlighting discovery-based learning activities and is followed by a dynamic audience Q&A.

SXSWedu Playground Talk photo by Alexa Wagner

Creating Spaces to Foster Innovation [Learning Spaces]
Tricia Edwards (Smithsonian's Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation)

Go Bananas with Music Tinkering in the Classroom [Instructional Strategies]
Mitch Chaiet (Dub Academy)
Laurie Lyons (Dub Academy)

Growing Minds & Food in Milwaukee Public Schools [Instructional Strategies]
MPS student MPS Student (Milwaukee Public Schools)
Matt Ray (Fernwood Montessori School)

Minecraft in the Classroom - A Case Study [Gaming]
Mark Nagurski (CultureTECH)

See2Achieve: Virtual Reality, Vision and Learning [Early Learning]
Jennifer Simonson (Boulder Valley Vision Therapy)
Len Scrogan (University of Colorado-Denver)

The STE(A)M Truck Story: Mobile Making [Entrepreneurialism]
Jason Martin (Community Guilds)
Stephanie Wilson Itelman (Bellwether Education Partners)

The Street Arcade: Socially Engaged Videogames [Arts]
Steve Ciampaglia Steve Ciampaglia (The Plug-In Studio)
Kerry Richardson (The Plug-In Studio)

Using 360º Spherical Video as a Teaching Tool [Instructional Strategies]
Bethanne Tobey (North Carolina State University)
Mike Cuales (North Carolina State University)

Hands On

Join in on a Playground Hands On to collaborate and learn first-hand. Presenters will be facilitating a casual, instructional exercise that supports your direct participation.

SXSWedu Playground Hands On photo by Randy & Jackie Smith

Collaborative Empathy: Teaching for Learning [Continuing Education]
Caroline Bucker (Idealiza Tools & Methods)
Lisa Jasinski (Trinity University)

Get Out! Sincerely, Your Motor and Creative Skills [Learning Spaces]
Tommaso Lana (Tommaso Lana Coaching. Education. Consulting)

Learning & Attention Issues Through a Child's Eyes [Special Needs]
Priscilla Rodriguez (Poses Family Foundation)
Alexander "Sasha" Evans (University of Vermont)

The Fresh Holodeck 2.0: Culturally Responsive Tech [Instructional Strategies]
Jamel Mims (Urban Arts Partnership)
Armando Somoza (Urban Arts Partnership)

The Mystery Box Challenge [Arts]
Heather Roesner (Children's Creativity Museum)

Virtual Exchange Meets Virtual Reality [Gaming]
Chris Plutte (Global Nomads Group)


Organizations that are interested in showcasing their creative approaches to learning in the Playground, are encouraged to fill out the Playground Display Proposal by October 25.

SXSWedu Playground Display photo by Steve Rogers

Spend time participating with various organizations selected to display in the Playground as they share effective learning approaches with a focus on innovation. Stay tuned for the announcement of selected displays for this year's Playground.

Playground Info ThumbnailFor questions or more information about the Playground, check out the Playground FAQ.

Photos by Mengwen Cao, Owen Rogers and Danny Matson